Must-Have Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

Much like fashion, accessories can be timeless or trendy; and with each passing season, we see changes in what’s considered “stylish.” Here, we’ll explore the trending jewelry styles we are keeping our eyes peeled for this fall.

Bangles on Bangles

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You might as well start hoarding bangles now because this fall and winter, we will be stacking them from our wrists to our elbows (almost)! You can keep your stack polished and matchy or opt for various metals and natural wood bangles to give your arm candy a little diversity. The best part about bangle stacking is that you can wear them with virtually anything, from jeans and a T-shirt to a two-piece suit.

Mix It Up

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Great news for those who could never decide which metal they preferred: Mixed metals are now all the rage – not only in the sense of mixing silver earrings, bronze bangles, and gold necklaces but also pieces of various metals, such as earrings made of silver and copper. We always thought mixed metals added a little dimension to our look, and we’re happy to see the rest of the world getting on board.

Pearls Are a Girl’s New Best Friend

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If you like pearls, get ready to wear them in a big and bold way. From multi-strand twist necklaces and cocktail earrings to giant pearl cocktail rings, dramatic pearls will be huge (both literally and figuratively) in the upcoming months.

The ’90s Chokehold

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We are still seeing ’90s revival trends this fall, including chokers. But rather than the tiny chokers, we’ll see chokers made of eclectic baubles and thick pieces of leather and velvet adorned with chains.

She’s Old-Fashioned

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If you spend your weekends perusing thrift stores and antique shops hoping to find the perfect locket or most outrageous brooch, you’ve been preparing for this moment for a while. Jewelry from vintages ago is being seen all over the runways! We love the old-world charm and uniqueness that vintage pieces can add to a look.

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