These Are A Few of the Most Eccentric Humans in Fashion

The fashion industry is full of eccentric people, so we thought it would be fascinating to discuss a few of the most over-the-top, out-there humans that have taken the fashion world by storm.

Christian Louboutin

(image via bbc)

We’re seeing red…but not out of anger! It’s just those red soles we associate with Christian Louboutin. But the man behind the iconic shoes is colorful for several reasons, including that he didn’t seem to care that Madonna, Kim K, and Beyoncé all wore his shoes. The designer also apparently refused to show up for a TV special dedicated to him – on Oprah! Another fun fact: Louboutin left the industry in the late 1980s to become a landscape gardener, but he missed shoes too much. When he agreed to make a Louboutin Barbie in 2009, he asked that Barbie’s ankles be whittled down. Because there is nothing more attractive than a very curved ankle.

Iris Apfel

(image via new york times via bruce weber)

Imagine having a style so iconic that you create an archive for museums while you’re still alive – so there’s no question about whether you’ll inspire future generations. Well, that is a reality for Iris Apfel, known for her oversized glasses, eclectic baubles, and exquisite use of color. The centenarian is a reminder to fashion guys and gals everywhere to dress how you want to and own it.

Alexander McQueen

(image via elle)

Of course, when we think of eccentric fashion, Alexander McQueen comes to mind. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about McQueen was his ability to be inspired by just about anything: life, death, or Scuba diving. He once said, “I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” These words are proof that the fashion industry – and the world – lost someone extra-special when McQueen tragically took his own life in 2010.

Anna Piaggi

(image via bulgari hotels via marco glaviano)

Anna Piaggi was not a designer, but the writer, who worked for high-fashion publications such as Vogue Italia, was often seen front row at the industry’s top shows. And, dare we say, she wasn’t hard to spot because she was known for her blue hair, colorful makeup, and an attitude brighter and bolder than her hair dye and cosmetics combined.

Karl Lagerfeld

(image via harper’s bazaar via getty images)

Karl Lagerfeld was the visionary asked to oversee the house of Chanel and Fendi while he worked on his own label, so to say this man was an icon is an understatement. Like any visionary, he was eccentric at times: He had an obsession with Diet Coke, claiming it was all he drank; he owned over 300,000 books, stacked sideways; and owned over 300 iPods, each programmed with different music and all stored in a custom-made limited-edition Louis Vuitton trunk.

Did we miss anyone? Share your favorite eccentric fashion icons with us in the comments below!

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