While Waiting For Spring, Try These Winter Fashion Hacks

With the start of the new year, you’re probably still showing off your new pieces of clothing and outfits of the day. Don’t let sparkling prezzies turn into piling sweaters. As the temperature drops, expect to continue packing on the layers and fighting all of the regular winter fashion woes. For a list of tips and tricks to win the boot battle, read on.

  1. Salt-Stained and Scented Boots

For the forward thinkers out there, feel free to coat your boots with a protective spray before the start of the season. Whether purchasing a new pair of thigh high boots or ankle length boots, many retail stores have protectant spray available for purchase. However, for those who prefer to press pause on their soon-to-be problems or want to save a pretty penny, you can create your own mix to reverse salt damage. Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of cold water to clear up the salt lines and clean up your booties. Simply mix together and use a damp cloth to rub and remove. Go one step further (pun intended) and use baking soda or dry teabags to eliminate any unpleasant odors from your shoes.

  1. Pilling Sweaters

While your closet is likely jam-packed with long sleeves, cardigans and hoodies, you probably have one (or two) sweaters that you live in. You know, the sweater that fits in all the right places and compliments your skin tone perfectly. Giving all the goods: comfy, cozy and casual, your go to is likely a friend of the washer and dryer. Whether it’s from ignoring the wash and dry instructions or experiencing wear and tear, your number one (and the rest of its closet crew) can start piling over time. Avoid sporting annoying balls and bobbles by shaving your sweater with a disposable razor. Tip: use gentle strokes and a semi-dull blade to ensure that the article of clothing stays in one piece. As a side note, choose to fold for the win (vs. hang) to prevent stretching of knitted sweaters and to preserve their original shape.

  1. Hat Hair

While the best way to achieve winter chic is by showing off your favorite hair + scarf combo, wearing a cute cap equals tons of rubbing action. Avoid the winter hair blues by following three easy-peasy rules: make sure to fully dry your locks before topping off your look, moisturize your manes by using a leave-in product and switch the style to allow for a loose fit. If you’re still finding that your hat hair is a hot mess, change it up and keep the heat with a pair of trendy earmuffs. If you’re hair is still static, take a dryer sheet and smooth it against your hair.

  1. Triple Play with Your Tights

Always on-trend: trading pants for tights. When it comes to buttoning buttons, zipping zippers and choosing between low-rise and high-rise, the struggle is real. Looking good, while keeping it loose and lax, requires your tights to be in perfect condition. Prevent the one and done toss by following a couple of need to knows: freeze your tights to lengthen their shelf life and apply hairspray or clear nail polish to cover up a run (or hole). True story: before wearing your tights for the first time, wet the pair with cold water, pop them into a zip bag and freeze overnight.

Don’t feel like saying buh-bye to your ripped jeans just yet? Layer your jeans over your tights to keep warm and stay in-style. Feel free to mix and match and play with colors, patterns and textures.

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