Keep Up With These Jewelry Trends

Diamonds, silver, gold, and even pearls…they’re all jewelry box staples no matter the current fads. But today, we’re discussing some of the more exciting statement-making jewelry styles that are trending right now. Layering your necklaces is even better!

Locks & Keys

While jewelers like Tiffany & Co. have been showing delicate locks and keys in their pieces for a while, today’s styles are bolder, with chunkier chains, brighter colors, and plenty of sparkles!

Our Picks:

Gorjana Bespoke Kara Padlock Necklace ($75, shop here)

J.Crew Lock and Key Two-Layer Necklace ($14.50, shop here)


We remember this trend from the 2000s… and the ’80s. Neon has resurfaced on chunky jewelry with a good mixture of statement and class. Try a piece that pairs bright hues with quality gold or gemstones.

Our Picks:

Melinda Maria Lemonade Enamel Ring ($29, shop here)

Gabi Rielle Neon 14K Gold Vermeil & Enamel Safety Pin Earrings ($57, shop here)

A Little Bit of Charm

A sweet and subtle accessory, the charm bracelet, will soon grace your wrist once again. These nostalgic bracelets are back but with a classy twist. You can keep them neutral with one color and simple charms or be bold with bright beads!

Our Picks:

Lizzy James Seville Gold Chain Bracelet Add Your Charm Choice ($62, shop here)

Jaime Nicole Confetti Charm Bracelet ($148, shop here)

Rainbows and Colors

Rainbows and multicolored jewelry are all the rage right now, likely tied to the resurgence of acrylic pieces credited to TikTok. Now, even fine jewelers are taking the leap and producing magical rainbow statement pieces!

Our Picks:

Petit Moments Beaded Pearl Drop Necklace ($58, shop here)

BaubleBar Bennett Tennis Bracelet in Rainbow ($48, shop here)


In case you haven’t noticed a pattern yet, bright is the common link between many of the jewelry trends right now – and the enamel style is no exception, which lets jewelry designers add splashes of intense color to their pieces.

Our Picks:

Gabi Rielle Neon 14K Gold Vermeil & Enamel Heart Pendant Necklace ($60, shop here)

Chan Luu Poppy Red Enamel With Champagne Diamond Necklace ($175, shop here)

Zodiac Jewelry

If you’re into horoscopes, you’ll be into this trend. When people wear their signs on jewelry, you get a glimpse into who they are. By rocking some yourself, you can send signals about who you are, too. Right now, you can find zodiac sign pendants, charms, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Our Picks:

ElegantSwan via Etsy Dainty Zodiac Sign Necklace ($27.75, shop here)

Gorjana Astrology Coin Necklace ($65, shop here)

Layered Look

The layered necklace trend is alive and well. But its latest twist? We’re now layering necklaces of different metals and materials. Gold with silver is suddenly allowed, as is a classic chain alongside a beaded piece. Get ready to mix and match your existing collection!

Our Picks:

Amber Sceats Layered Pendant Necklace ($85, shop here)

Arden Jewelry Layered Beaded Necklace ($38, shop here)

Colored Stones

Another jewelry trend links back to color! This time we are talking colored gemstones. Pieces with brightly colored stones are a great way to pair class with excitement.

Our Picks:

Ross-Simons Multi-Gemstone Necklace in 18K Gold Over Sterling ($149, shop here)

Charm and Vintage via Etsy Mood Ring ($26.80, shop here)

What are some of your favorite jewelry trends? Share with us in the comments below!

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