Fashion Hacks That Will Save You Time

We’ll set the scene for you: You snooze your alarm for eight minutes, wake up, pour your coffee, and head to your closet to start getting ready for work. Outfit number one doesn’t work, but that’s life. Then outfit number two, three, four… Now you’re late. No one wants to start their day this way, so here are some of our best time-saving fashion hacks!

Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

We can hear you rolling your eyes! But trust us: It works. Selecting your outfit the night before takes the pressure off the following morning. Great news if you never claimed to be a morning person!

Come Up With Some Signature Looks

As you buy clothes and organize your closet, consider some of your favorite looks. Then plan on re-creating them with different colors and patterns each week.

Ironing? Who Has Time for That?

If you pull a piece from your closet that’s super-wrinkly, we have a great trick: Hang the garment in the bathroom while you shower and let the steam take care of it.

One Word: Dresses

Dresses are simple to style, and they can easily be dressed up or dressed down – instant outfit!

Always Have a Go-To Outfit

You may be getting tired of it by now, but having that go-to outfit that always fits and feels great is a lifesaver when you‘re running late.

Use Pinterest to Your Advantage

Say you have a pair of cropped black ankle trousers: All you have to do is search for them on Pinterest, and you’ll get hundreds of outfit ideas that you can “pin” to your heart’s content. Then, when the time comes to put together an ensemble, you’ll have a ton of ideas from which to choose.

Do you have any time-saving fashion hacks? Share them with us in the comments below!

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