A Few Tips and Tricks to Becoming the Best Outfit-Repeater You Can Be

We hope we aren’t dating ourselves here. But do you remember the scene in The Lizzie McGuire Movie where Kate says, “Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit-repeater!” So, of course, from then on, our biggest fear was to become a dreaded outfit-repeater. Well, we’ve got news for our past selves and everyone else: Being an outfit-repeater is nothing to be ashamed of, and we’re here with some tips to help you become the best outfit-repeater you can be.

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What is an outfit-repeater? This term has no hidden meaning; it is simply someone who repeats outfits. While society made us think it was a bad thing, we see it as an art form. You buy good pieces, put a killer ’fit together, then find a new way to wear those pieces. Art, we tell you!

Never Underestimate the Power of Shoes, Accessories, and Your Hair

Simply changing any or all of these things can alter how your outfit looks. If you are tired of wearing the same dress over and over again, changing up your accessories, shoes, or even hairstyle can totally transform your garment.

Instead of a Basic Tee, Try a Button-Up

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Don’t get us wrong: We love basic tees. But if you’re bored with them and feel like you could simply be doing more, try pairing a button-up with your outfit. For example, say you’re working with a skirt, any length, and you typically match it with a tee. Grab a button-up instead!

Have Fun With the Silhouette

You can change what a garment looks like just by playing with your silhouette. Take a maxi dress, for instance: All you need to do is add a chambray top, corset top, or sweater over it rather than wearing it solo or with a jacket.

We Love a Monochrome Queen

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Monochrome is a simple way to play with pieces you already have and make them look chic. For example, if you’re tired of wearing your favorite pink sweater the same old way, try pairing it with pink pants and shoes – the shades don’t have to match. By playing with different shades, you create a color family, which adds a lot of dimension to your look.

Kick It Casually

One of our favorite ways to mix up an outfit is to throw on some sneakers. These can be your favorite retro sneaks, maybe a crisp white pair. This simple change will make your outfits extra casual in a very stylish way.

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