Winter Nail Trends

Changing seasons dictate not only wardrobe trends but also nail trends, whether it be new lengths, colors, nail art, or shapes. To help prepare your nail looks for the next few months, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best winter nail trends.

Glazed French Tips

(image via fabmood via @amberjhnails)

If you have yet to try the glazed donut manicure, don’t worry; the trend isn’t going anywhere! To get the glazed French tips look, use a sheer, iridescent polish for the base of your nails and a milky-white shade for the tips.

Bright Red

(image via chasing daisies)

Shades of red are perfect for wintertime and the holiday season. A bright red mani is an excellent option for spicing things up. Of course, darker reds and maroons are excellent choices, but there’s nothing quite like a bright red shade that’s extra glossy.

Winter White

(image via dear young queen)

A winter-white manicure is perfect for those looking for a subtle manicure. Be sure to go for a softer shade of white than those bright whites you often see in the summer. You’ll know you’re looking at the right color if you notice blue and gray undertones. Soft white nails give a sense of simplicity and inner peace, which is what we’re going for in 2023.

Emerald Green

(image via allure via paintbox)

Just like bright red, the color emerald green is classic and festive. Of course, it helps that fashion brands have recently been using dark green shades in their collections. Even better, emerald green is a jewel tone that’s flattering on most people. The color can be worn alone, used as an accent color, or mixed with other shades to create the perfect statement nail.

Silver Chrome

(image via the trend spotter)

A chrome finish looks amazing over any polish color, but chrome over silver is the go-to choice this winter. It’s perfect for those who want to get into the winter spirit in a unique way, and you’re sure to turn some heads with it!

Icicle Nails

(image via cosmetic sanctuary)

You can tell by the name why this nail trend is perfect for winter. This manicure uses sheer, iridescent nail polish that evokes the color of the icicles you see hanging from the trees or the snow when the sun bounces off of it.

Which of these nail trends is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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