What Waterless Beauty Means, and How You Can Get It

One of the newest and hottest trends in fashion is waterless beauty. Not only is this becoming hugely popular among the celebrity set, this trend is also beneficial to the environment. As fresh water around the world is becoming a little harder to come by every single day, waterless beauty is a socially responsible way to wear makeup. In a matter of years, waterless beauty is probably going to be much more common than the more traditional beauty products you’re used to using. Start employing this trend in your own beauty routines right now, and start being the hippest person in your friend group.

Why Waterless?

Traditional beauty products are mostly water, to the tune of about 70 percent of the total composition. That includes products like lipstick, facial cleanser and moisturizer. Most shampoos, toners and gels are made with even more water: up to 95 percent of the total composition, according to Beauty Matter.

With the world’s temperatures growing hotter and the global water supply beginning to dwindle, waterless beauty isn’t just a hot new trend to try. In just a few years, cosmetics made without water may become an absolute necessity. Start going waterless now, and see how beautiful this socially-conscious trend can actually be. There are already products available on the market that allow you to start trying waterless beauty for yourself.

What’s Available?

Facial cleansers and moisturizers made without water are already provided through many manufacturers, including Lush. Their bars of facial soap are made with a combination of avocado butter, shea and cocoa. Lush already has a line of cleaners and moisturizes made without water that is designed to nourish and improve your skin.

Pinch of Color has a long list of waterless products available, including a lineup of lip balms and lip pigments that are a great alternative to traditional lipstick. Rather than water, this makeup is made with natural oils and botanical materials that are totally non-toxic.

Turn to Milk Makeup for toner and hydrating oil sticks made without water that are designed to brighten your natural beauty and give your skin a healthy glow. Water-free toner is a much more global-friendly option than traditional toner, which is made up of mostly water.

Finding Waterless Products

Big cosmetics companies are already getting in on the waterless trend. L’Oreal has committed to reducing the water they use in their own cosmetics, and there are many other makeup products on the market that use very little water in their creation. Look for silicone-based powders and other makeup products, because these options are already made with very little to no water.

Beauty Without Water

Try waterless beauty products, and you’ll see that there isn’t much difference between these products and the more traditional cosmetics you’re used to. Waterless beauty is only going to get more popular and more widely-used in time. The sooner you start using products like these, the sooner you can start consuming less water and helping the planet. Not bad for a few changes to your lipstick, cleansers and other beauty products, right?

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