What Is The Best Toner Type For You?

You’ve likely seen a variety of toners at your local beauty store or online. But if you’ve never tried one, how do you know which type you need – and why? Read on to learn about the different uses toners have and which are best for your skin!

What Is Toner?

Toner contains glycerin, which helps hydrate skin while protecting it from irritants and pollutants. In addition, toners help remove dirt and oil from your face, and are safe for most skin types.

Toner as a Primer

Moisturizing toners are typically used as primers rather than cleansers. While a cleansing toner has a light consistency, primer toners will be slightly thicker. Moisturizing toners work best when applied before your day and night creams because they help your skin absorb creams better, which is exactly what you want: to reap the benefits of the products you apply to your face.

For Blemishes and Red Skin

Do you suffer from redness or unwanted blemishes? Try a treatment toner. If you have oily skin, a treatment toner that contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and fruit enzymes can help you with excess dead skin buildup. Some treatment toners also include ingredients that can neutralize free radicals, brighten your skin, and fight against signs of aging.

For a Fresh, Dewy Look

If you have dry skin and are in search of a product that will give you a dewy look, seek out a hydrating toner, which can help your skin glow and be soft to the touch. Most hydrating toners come in spray bottles and are easy to carry with you throughout the day for repeated use. Note: Make sure to find a hydrating toner that includes ceramides, which helps seal in moisture and seal out pollutants.

To Brighten the Skin

If your complexion gets dull at times, try an exfoliating toner, which can completely revamp how your skin looks and feels, leaving it plump and healthy. This is due to glycolic acid and salicylic acid, which are commonly found in exfoliating toners. These toners also remove any buildup in your pores and thoroughly cleanse your face from irritants and dirt.

Toner Is the Perfect Addition to Your Routine

Think about what you most need for your skin to look and feel the way you want, and start with the toner that best fits those needs. Click here for some of our favorite toners for all skin types.

Have you used toner? Share your experience and any tips or tricks you want us to know about!

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