Tips for Super-Soft Hair

Styling products and days at the beach can leave your hair feeling crunchy and damaged. If this sounds familiar, try these tips to restore and maintain a soft, smooth mane!

Eat Healthy Fats and Proteins

Did you know that what you eat impacts how your hair feels? Poor nutrition leads to poor health and, as a result, damaged hair. So for the best hair, eat foods that are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. And don’t skimp on your daily multi-vitamin!

Apply Aloe

Aloe vera is good for more than just a sunburn. It’s great for your hair, too! Why? Aloe has properties similar to our hair’s keratin that grabs and holds onto moisture, promoting growth and serious conditioning.

Use Cold Water

We’re not saying you have to take a cold shower – because that can be torturous if you aren’t used to it. Instead, do a cold rinse before you step out of the shower. Cold water closes up cuticles, locking moisture into your hair. It can also help prevent frizz!

Apple Cider Vinegar

You’ve heard of people using ACV to aid in digestion and weight loss, but what about hair health? Rinsing with apple cider vinegar naturally conditions hair. It is also said to prevent breakage, protect against split ends, and minimize frizz.

Keep It Cotton

Instead of tightly wrapping your hair in a towel, just squeeze the water out and tie your hair up in a cotton T-shirt. This can speed up the heatless drying process while you go about your routine.


Heat can cause hair damage, a fact that we know a little too well. The easiest way to cut down on your heat exposure is by eliminating the blow-dryer. Make sure to condition well in the shower, then don’t touch your hair afterward. Instead, let it dry on its own. Once it’s dry, then you can brush – but use a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner to help with any knots or tangles.

Do a Hair Mask

If you want a quick fix, try a hair mask with moisturizing ingredients such as argan oil, almond milk, coconut oil, and avocado. Doing these masks once a week can help keep almost any head of hair soft and strong. You can buy a hair mask, or you can try one of these DIY hair masks.

Tame Your Split Ends

What’s the driest part of your hair? For us, it’s the ends. Concentrate hair repair products at the ends of your hair, then work lesser amounts toward the scalp.

If you want super-soft, shiny, and strong hair, you have to take care of it. Use these tips, and your hair might just say thank you with a smooth new appearance.

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