The It Girl’s Shower Routine

Showering should never feel like a chore; it should be an experience. For many of us, it’s the only time of the day we truly have to ourselves – so why would we waste that precious time with a blah body wash and a “whatever” loofah? The “it girl” would never stand for something so bland! We’re here to break down exactly what kind of shower experience she would be proud of.

Goop G. Tox Ultimate Dry Brush ($25, shop here)

Want the softest skin of your life? The secret isn’t moisturizing (though that’s mighty important). Instead, it happens before you hop into the shower: dry-brushing.

Dry brushing is a form of exfoliation that loosens and removes dead and dry skin cells, stimulates collagen production, and promotes lymph node drainage. The result? Healthy, glowing, wrinkle-free skin free of water retention and texture. Here’s a tutorial from Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand Goop on How to Dry Brush.

L’ange Cascade Blowout Shampoo ($23, shop here)

If it’s a wash day, the first thing you need to do once you hop into the shower is shampoo your hair. We love this formula from L’ange, but the brand also has a ton of different products based on your hair needs, so peruse the catalog to find your perfect fit.

To wash effectively, squirt a quarter-sized amount of shampoo in your palms and work it into a lather into your roots and scalp. You don’t need to worry about shampooing your ends unless you apply a lot of product to them. After thoroughly rinsing, repeat the process. If done right, your hair should stay clean for more than a day or two.

L’ange Slické Blowout Conditioner ($24, shop here)

Now it comes time to condition. Using the matching formula to your shampoo will complement the ingredients and keep the scent in your hair longer.

First, gently squeeze any excess water out of your locks and step out of the stream of water. (Never wring your hair, as that can lead to damage and breakage!) Next, squirt some conditioner into your palm (a quarter-sized amount should work for medium-length locks, but use more or less as needed), and work it into the ends, going up to the mid-shaft.

If you have a claw clip, keep your hair up and out of the way for 2-10 minutes so the formula has time to penetrate. Shower off now, and relax in the hot steam! Then, thoroughly rinse with cool water before continuing the rest of your routine.

For an extra-deep condition, use a hair mask once a week. We love the Better Not Younger Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque ($36, shop here).

Nécessaire The Body Wash ($25, shop here)

The it girl never washes her body with conditioner in her hair. Why? Because rinsing conditioner on cleaned skin clogs pores – causing body acne! You’ll spend a few minutes longer in the shower, but your skin will thank you!

This body wash from Nécessaire contains niacinamide and plant surfactants that infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals that showcase its natural glow. Work it into a lather. “With what?” Well, with nothing less than the…

Kitsch XL Exfoliating Body Washcloth ($15, shop here)

Though a loofah may have been your go-to exfoliating tool in years past, we want to be the first to tell you that there’s a better option: this loofah/washcloth hybrid from Kitsch. Due to their condensed shapes, loofahs harbor bacteria more than anything else in your shower, meaning you reintroduce that bacteria to your skin every time you use it to wash your body. This washcloth dries flat and allows for complete drying, unlike a washcloth. Plus, it exfoliates just as well as your favorite loofah!

Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towels ($13.40, shop here)

Put down that blow-dryer! After your shower, keep your hair up and away from your face with a Turbie Twist microfiber towel made to dry hair efficiently and quickly – without pulling at your locks or causing unnecessary damage.

Bath & Body Works Cozy Evening Body Cream ($16.50, shop here)

While your skin is still damp, treat it to some extra hydration! We’ve linked one of our fave scents from Bath & Body Works but recommend finding a lotion that best complements the smell of your body wash. That way, you radiate the scent until your next wash! For extra-dry skin, opt for a cream instead of a lotion for a more penetrative and nourishing finish.

What does your shower routine look like? Share with us in the comments!

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