Ready to Try a Fun New Pastel Hair Color?

It may be time to think beyond baby pink if you’re ready to try a fun new hair color. Amethyst, for example, is a purple shade that stylists love on many complexions, while light blue looks great on pale skin. Both hues are up-and-coming colors du jour, but they require a little more care than the ever-popular pink. And if you have brown or black hair, both colors require a complete bleach job. (We always recommend wearing a wig for a week in your desired hair color to make sure it’s what you want)!

The upside of amethyst is that it’s an appealing balance of strength and delicacy; it still feels soft while exuding boldness. Fantasy blue is a knock-‘em-dead look, but it can tinge green if your hair isn’t bleached light enough. Ask your colorist to eliminate any yellow tones before applying your shade of blue. Blue can also bring out the red undertones often found in fair skin, so exercise caution if that’s a concern.

If you are ready to take the plunge into pastel hair color but can’t decide on a specific shade, try this trick: Hold a scarf in the colors you’re considering up to your face. You’ll see the impact on your eyes and complexion.

Read on for what you need to know before dyeing your hair pink, light blue, amethyst, or any other pastel shade.

Healthy Hair Holds Color Evenly

Make sure strands are in peak condition. Use a nourishing mask for a few washes before dyeing your hair, especially if you plan on making a major hair change. Our pick? K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Masks ($12-$75, shop here).

Fading Is Part of the Charm

Pastel dyes sit on the cuticle and aren’t absorbed by your hair. (Ergo, these shades have a short lifespan.) Think of it like a stain that’s meant to fade. Get ready to embrace the change. Hair going through the phases of fade can be gorgeous.

Pink Works With Most Every Complexion

The rosy shade suits a range of complexions. Blondes who tend to have pinker skin will find the color pulls the pink from their face and leaves the impression of a more even skin tone. (On the flip side, green is the most unpredictable shade since it can veer yellow.) Professionals typically do not recommend attempting a home bleach job, but if you’re dying to DIY, stylists say pinks are the easiest to do at home.

If your natural hair is more of a honey blonde or darker, stylists caution that pastel pink won’t show up as well. Instead, they recommend DIYers stick with jewel tones that will really pop, especially if your hair is highlighted.

Get Ready to Invest in Maintenance

Most pastels are going to fade, so you’ll want to protect your hair by adding products to your routine that help keep color intact. A weekly bond treatment like Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner ($28, shop here) will keep your hair strong and healthy between dye jobs.


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