How to Choose Between Light, Medium & Full Coverage Foundation

Selecting the right makeup products for you and your skin can take time, effort, and research, particularly when it comes to picking the perfect foundation. You may find that the number of different formulas of foundations each claiming to make your skin look a certain way overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help!

Here are some top tips on how to choose between light, medium, and full coverage foundation.

Assess Your Skin 

First things first, before choosing a foundation, you need to ensure that you have a good understanding of your skin type. For example, if you suffer from dry, flaky skin regularly, then a full coverage, matte finish foundation should be avoided at all costs. Similarly, if you have super oily skin, then you should opt for an oil-free foundation that isn’t overly dewy. You should also consider whether you have redness, blemishes, or acne that you wish to conceal. If this is the case, then you would benefit the most from a medium to full coverage foundation.

Think About The Occasion 

When purchasing a foundation, you must consider when you’re likely to wear it. Is it going to be your everyday foundation or one for nights out and special occasions? You may find that you want a light or medium coverage during the day for a more natural finish, but prefer extra coverage for a night out and because of the longevity full coverage products offer.

What Do You Want to Achieve? 

The main question you should ask yourself is what your ultimate skin goal is? Would you love super dewy, fresh skin? Then a light coverage foundation or BB cream is the perfect option. If you want something in between natural and full coverage, then a medium foundation is best for you. For a long-lasting base that won’t budge, full coverage foundations are difficult to beat in terms of their staying power and their incredible ability to cover imperfections. Once you know what type of makeup/skin look you would like to achieve, you can then select your foundation accordingly.

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