Hot Minimalist Nail Trends That Are Here For The Summer

Elaborate nail designs and embellished fingertips have been popular in the past, but summer 2019’s trend is all about simple styles. Minimalist nail looks should be your emphasis this season because right now, less is definitely more.

Neutral Nails

Make it easy on yourself all summer long with neutral nail polish. Stick to soft tan and beige colors for your nails, and you won’t have to change your manicure based on what you’re wearing. A simple neutral color looks great with everything else you put on, and won’t distract from your outfit.

Clear Polish and Decals

Go for a simple and elegant nail look with clear polish and decals. This is an incredibly easy style to maintain, and it looks great. Simply paint your nails with clear polish and slap on some little stickers at the base or tips of your nails. Nail decals are available in a huge range of colors and styles, so you can have lots of fun with this easy look. The decals are easy to peel off when you’re done with them. If you want, you can change up your nail look every single day in only a few minutes with this versatile style.

White and Black

Get back to basics with white and black nail polish. This is a stunning contrasting look that you can wear with anything. It’s summer, so use the white as your base. You can even leave your nails white, or paint contrast tips in black, or get more creative and add little dots or designs to your nails to play up the look.

Getting Artistic

If you’re an artist at heart, you can always show off your skills and turn your nails into your canvas. Start with a simple clear coat, and grab a Sharpie in any color (or multiple colors). Draw on your own designs to create truly custom, eye-catching looks. The marker will come off with nail polish remover, so be fearless.

Simply Beautiful Summer Nails

Stick to simple, minimalist nails designs this summer to create elegant yet fun looks that are super easy and won’t take up too much of your time. After all, we are sure you’d rather be out enjoying the season than spending your time hunched over your nail polish collection!

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