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Michelle Pfeiffer, a goddess for the ages, created a fragrance line Henry Rose (named after her two children), which centers around full ingredient transparency. Due to the arduous task of limiting the infinite ingredient palette, this line was years in the making. The line is an umbrella word that features various products, many of which are unknown and not staunchly regulated. Michelle and her team of masterful perfumers were able to whittle down and formulate the fragrances with about three-hundred ingredients. The line is the first of its kind to be EWG Verified™ and Cradle Certified™ Gold, which recognizes safety and sustainability for the environment. Additionally, they are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, paraben and phthalate-free, and crafted without formaldehyde, carcinogens, or endocrine disruptors. Who wouldn’t want to remain sustainable and smell good?

Let’s get to the fun part: the perfumes! The line consists of seven beautifully curated scents evocative of Michelle’s personal memories and tastes. Each scent is unisex and compatible with each other, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. These scents would most aptly be described as “skin scents,” not overpowering, that stay close to the skin, pulling anyone and everyone in to get a sniff. So don’t worry about giving anyone a headache, because they are not those robust perfumes that linger for way too long. Think subtle and sexy; feel full of warmth, and quiet confidence. So dreamy!

I have worn two of their scents, Torn and Jake’s House, for the last year and can tell promise that they do not disappoint. Torn (Michelle’s favorite) is described as “the richness of vanilla bean blends with the earthiness of vetiver roots to create an aroma that’s both spicy and floral.” It is slightly reminiscent of Opium (remember that one?!), but with a delicate edge and a modern, deconstructed twist. Jake’s House (their bestseller) is described as “watery clean freshness that encounters honeyed neroli for a light and clean musky finish.” It was based on Michelle’s childhood visits to her grandfather Jake’s house. It is a bright and fresh scent that would convince anyone you’re fresh out of the shower.

They have excellent staying power; a few spritzes last from morning into night. As the skin warms and the scent dries down, they uniquely conform to the body’s chemistry, smelling even more addictive and comforting.

The packaging is glorious! The bottles are elegant and understated, with a good heavyweight to them. They would look lovely displayed on a vanity or shelf. True to the company ethos, the bottles are made from 90% recycled glass, the caps are made from compostable soy, and the packaging is made from recycled paper. If you didn’t think that was enough, the company also has a partnership with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP); they donate a portion of its proceeds to breast cancer advocacy and research on toxic chemicals in personal care.

The perfumes have a high price point ($120/50ml); however, after several months, I am barely halfway through each bottle. There are other options if you choose not to purchase a full bottle: there are rollerballs, discovery sets, body lotions, warming candles, hand sanitizers, and diffuser oils. With Valentine’s day around the corner, any one of these scents would be perfect for that special someone in your life.

Henry Rose is not just another celebrity-endorsed, quick money grab creation. The quality and care put into the products are evident in every aspect of the scents. For further information, check out henryrose.com and @henryrose on instagram.

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