Graphic Eye Makeup is Hot in 2019

This year is the time to start having fun again with your makeup. Play with sparkles, use bright colors, try wearing neon and create the designs you’ve always imagined. In 2019, it’s the year of graphic eye makeup — and anything is possible when it comes to how you want to make your eyes stand out.

Vivid Colors

Eye makeup in 2019 is all about bright colors. Experiment with your electric pinks, bright oranges and vivid greens, and don’t stop at eyeshadow alone. Colored eyeliner and mascara are all over the fashion runways, and you can expect to see them all over red carpets and fashion magazines throughout the year. YSL’s vinyl couture mascara encourages you to “be bold and play with color,” a message that’s right on trend with the hot looks of 2019.

Statement Wings

Make your eyes really pop by using eyeliner to draw long “wings” extending from the corners of your eyes. This is a look that everyone is wearing, and it’s definitely one designed to make your eyes stand out. Use neon eyeshadow or eyeliner to create wings that will make your eyes the first thing everyone notices about you. LA Girl’s Shockwave neon liner comes in several bright shades that are right in line with today’s hottest makeup trends.

Make it Sparkle

Glitter eyeshadow is only getting more popular, not less. Use it liberally to make your eyes literally sparkle, and experiment with different colors to have fun with the look. Don’t be afraid to play glitter eyeshadow against a contrasting matte, or against eyeliner in a contrasting shade. After all, what’s the point of eye makeup if you’re not making a strong statement with it?

Smoky Eyes

This trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019. Smoky eyes are still a much-loved look, and the most sought-after designers are still using it to display their fashions. All you need is gray, black or brown eyeliner and a will to do a little smudging. Try L’Oreal’s pro-last waterproof eyeliner to create a long-lasting smoky eye look that has staying power even through sweat and bad weather.

The Total Eye Look

Forget about skipping your inner corners or using a light hands on your lower eyes. In 2019, “total” eye makeup looks reign supreme. You should be using eyeliner from corner to corner, and add color all the way around your eyes instead of in one area. Go up to your eyebrows, go out to your temples and go crazy. There are no more borders and no more limits in today’s popular eye looks.

Create Graphic Eye Makeup

The first rule of creating graphic eye looks is to be fearless. Reach for those bright colors, create those traffic-stopping looks, extend your eyeliner and don’t be afraid to color way outside the lines. What’s the point of wearing makeup if you can’t have fun with your makeup? Give graphic eye looks a try, and get super trendy in 2019. After all, everyone else is definitely going to be doing it, too! In makeup this year, nothing is off-limits.

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