Find the Colors That Make Your Eyes Pop

Eyes are almost always the first thing people notice about you…unless you’re wearing your blackout shades. Bette Davis was famous for hers, and old adage claims they’re the window to the soul. Who wouldn’t want to know how to make their eyes more noticeable? The colors you use around your eyes determine whether they pop or flop, so figure out how you should be featuring yours to bring out their best.

Gorgeous Greens

What’s the best way to show off your green eyes? Try using neutral and brown-based shades of makeup. Gold, bronze, copper and other brown tones will bring out the green and help bring out the best of your eyes. A little bit of dark purple and green can’t hurt, either. If you’re feeling bold, try using pale yellow to give green eyes a boost that makes them look more vivid.

Beautiful Blues

If you’ve got blue eyes, don’t wear blue eye makeup. The secret to bringing out the beauty of your blue is contrast. Look for eyeshadow in shades of shimmery light or dark brown and deep purple. Blue eyes can also wear shades of gray, but stay away from blue-gray hues and stick to darker, charcoal grays. Make blue eyes really stand out with shades of pink. You can also try using contrast to bring out the blue of your eyes with cool green eyeshadow colors. A subtle shade of orange can bring out the beauty in blue, too.

Soulful Browns

If you’ve got brown eyes, you’ve got carte blanche. There’s almost no eye color you can’t wear to complement your soulful browns. Green, gray, blue, gold — try them all, but try not to use too many shades of brown. Always add a little color to your eyes, because your brown babies will naturally pick up some of the colors of your eye makeup to create a gorgeous effect. When it comes to mascara and eyeliner, you can go with brown, black or a combination of the two.

…And for the Hazels

If you have hazel eyes, you have a little bit or a lot of multiple colors to work with. Take a close look at your eyes with no makeup on whatsoever. Which color is most dominant? Do you see more green, blue or brown? Try dark purple and shades of green to make hazel eyes look more green. Use gray to bring out the blue in hazel eyes. Try gold, copper and neutral tones to make brown hazel eyes look more golden. Hazel eye colors can play around with different shades of eyeliner. Try gold and light purple shades if you want to make a big impact and bring out color variations in hazel eye hues.

Center of Attention

Make your eyes the center of attention and your most noticeable feature by using the right colors to complement and contrast against your natural beauty. Play around with various color shades and combinations, and see which ones make your peepers really pop. Use colors that complement your eyes in your wardrobe, too, and really bring out the best of all your natural beauty.

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