5 Skincare Rules to Follow in Your 30s

Your 30s are a pivotal time for many reasons — it’s when many significant life changes are taking place, like when you get into the swing of your career, or maybe you are getting married or having kids. Your 30s is also the time when your skin acts…different. You might notice a bit of puffiness occasionally, and maybe even some dullness to your overall complexion. These are the telltale signs that your skin’s collagen production is slowing down and that your skin won’t be bouncing back from late nights like it once did. Now is a crucial time to up your skincare regimen by following these five beauty rules.

  1. SPF Obsession. If you weren’t a fanatic about using an SPF containing moisturizer in your 20s, it’s time to become one. We can’t stress this enough — sun damage is your number 1 enemy when it comes to visible aging. Do all the face masks you want, but if you neglect SPF in your skincare routine, your efforts will make little difference.
  2. Get retinol — no, really. Your esthetician has probably tried to coax you into using retinol before, and you thanked them for the great advice with no real intention of following through. Well, your 30s are the time to make your esthetician proud finally. Retinol is one of your primary defenses against aging skin.
  3. That Walgreens brand cleanser has always served you well, but think of your skin as a bar-goer; it’s cute when the 21-year-old orders the cheapest alcohol on the menu, but it’s not so cute when a 36-year-old does. By your 30s, you should invest in quality skincare.
  4. Train Yourself.Sure, you slept in your make-up all the time in your 20s, and nothing much happened. There’s a lot of things we’ve done in our 20s whose effects we escaped — but it doesn’t mean you should keep doing them. Get a skincare routine you’ll stick to and then stick to it. Just remember: nothing is cuter than consistency.
  5. Skincare You Can Eat. It’s essential to take care of your skin externally, but you’ll miss a significant opportunity to influence your skin to stay glowing and healthy for longer if you neglect the role diet plays. The food you eat can either help or hurt your skin. Your 30s is the perfect time to take your diet seriously, and your skin is just one part of you that will be grateful.

The big 3-0 can seem daunting, but you’ll feel much more prepared and less apprehensive if you know you’re doing the right things for your skin. Follow these five skincare rules for beauty that will let you pretend you’re still in your 20s for just a little longer.