1960s-Inspired Glam is Totally Now

Makeup trends can help define an era. When you see a glamour girl with nude lips, lots of dark eyeliner and well-defined eyebrows, you know right away that you’re seeing a style icon from the 1960s. The iconic look is back this year, and this is a truly fun trend to embrace. So grab your eyeliner, and picture yourself as a Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor or Twiggy.

The Eyes

Want to create a glamorous 1960s-inspired look? You’ll want lots of eyeliner. Apply it in a thick line across the main body of the lid, but taper it a little toward both corners. Whether you choose to add eyeliner wings or not is up to you. Finish your eyes with mascara, something no 1960s beauty icon would ever appear without.

Should you add liner to your lower lid? The most gorgeous faces of the era did it both ways, so you can decide what looks best on you. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner is easy to apply and made to last all day. Make sure to add plenty of mascara on your bottom lashes.

Of course, a 1960s look would hardly be complete without the eyeshadow. Neutral tones and charcoal shades were extremely popular throughout the decade, soft shadows that allowed the eyeliner to really shine. However, there was one color that was practically essential in ’60s eyeshadow palettes: bright blue. Try it at least once, because how many chances are you really going to get while it’s popular again? The Chocolates eyeshadow palette from Profusion Cosmetics has a variety of beautiful neutral and soft shades, along with a bright blue color that’s straight out of 1960. Be sure to add some deep color to the crease of your eyelid.

The Mouth

Neutral lips were all the rage in the 1960s, so stick to soft shades with very little color to create a really classic makeup look. If you’ve just got to add a little bit more to your mouth, try orange lipstick. Shades of orange appeared on plenty of famous mouths during the decade, including legendary singer Aretha Franklin. The entire Lip Lingerie line of lipstick from Nyx offers amazing neutral and muted shades that are perfect for creating a glamorous ’60s look.

Complete the look with a little bit of gloss to add shine to your lips. The wet lip look was everywhere in the ’60s and it still looks pretty great today, so why not?

The Cheeks

Rosy cheeks gave the most beautiful faces in the 1960s a gorgeous glow. Add pink blush to the apples of your cheek to get the same fresh-faced look. Complete it with a bit of highlight on the bridge of your nose and across the tops of your cheeks to give your face a radiant look.

1960s Glam

Let the 1960s be your inspiration, and make your makeup look as glamorous as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Sharon Tate. You might be amazed by how great ‘60s glam can look on your face.

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  1. Love that you include the name of the cosmetic line that has the item. Since the 60’s were my decade I remember and wore that look. Will wear it again, but no cat eyes because that little tail would droop a bit and the pale lip cannot always be worn by older lips. BTW, love this site!!!’

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