Your Guide to the Perfect Countertop

Renovating your home is a process. And when it comes to the kitchen (and especially countertops), the choices can be vast and confusing. This guide will help you to select the perfect countertop for your space.

Collect Samples

Countertop samples will be your best friend early on in the design process, as they give you a chance to compare and contrast materials and colors. While you may like how a style looks online or at the hardware store, it likely won’t look quite the same at your house. If you are considering marble, there are plenty of variances in countertops, so grabbing multiple samples can give you a better idea of what each of those variances will look like in your space.

Think About Function

When choosing your countertop material, think about how you use your kitchen. How much space do you have? Are you an avid chef? Do you plan to entertain? Or are you looking for visual appeal? Certain materials are better in certain circumstances or have different requirements, such as needing to seal granite or the inability to place hot items right off the stove onto quartz.

Set Your Budget

Of course, every countertop has a different price tag attached to it. So, before you even step foot into a store, make sure you work out your budget. Set a maximum spend that you don’t want to exceed and make your decisions from there. If your budget doesn’t allow for what you want, consider alternatives that may provide the same look or feel. There are many man-made materials now at much lower prices.

Consider Additional Features

Before replacing your countertop, think about any other home improvements you may want to make. For example, will you be replacing the sink as well? For some, it makes sense to replace their counter and sink at the same time.

Think of the Details

Once you’ve gone through the above steps, you can think about whether you want a backsplash and how you want the counter edges shaped. Do you want a bullnose end or a sharper look? Can you afford a backsplash in your budget? These details can make a huge difference in your kitchen.

Got any tips for selecting the perfect countertop? Share with us in the comments below!


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