Young Adult Beach Read Series for Nostalgia Seekers

The second the temperature rises above 75 degrees, we can’t help but allow our thoughts to travel to sandy beaches and poolside lounging. Pairing your tropical paradise with a great book is a must, but what if you’re a quick reader that needs a little more?

These young adult series are not only perfect for an entire summer’s worth of beach reads, but they’ll also provide that healthy dose of nostalgia you’ve been craving.

Gossip Girl

You know you love her, and while the teen drama is completely over the top and nearly all characters are severely unlikeable, when it comes to light reads that you can whip through all summer long, this series will definitely keep you busy.

Simply set your problems aside, and instead indulge in the totally un-relatable problems experienced by these rich teens living on the Upper East Side and all the perfect drama that ensues. You’ll have 20 books to get through, so when we say you’ve got plenty of content to keep you busy, we mean it!

Maximum Ride

If you’re more of a sci-fi nostalgia seeker, the Maximum Ride series offers 11 books of bird kid entertainment (you read that right), and if it sounds completely out there, that’s because it is.

Granted, the earlier series’ additions went over much better with the fan base, with the latter books earning harsh criticism, you’ll still find that any fan of the characters will have no problem breezing through all of these books while sunning all summer long.


Hate on these books all you want, but Twilight was always a trending series growing up, and the films that resulted are absolute perfection…at least, in terms of meme-worthy content. It also gave us a never-ending slew of mythical creature novels that you may also want to revisit for your summer reading list (i.e. The Vampire Academy).

That being said, these books are entertaining quick reads that will elevate your poolside summer. So grab all 5 (that’s right, Midnight Sun was released last year as an added bonus here!) and enjoy all they have to offer.

Pretty Little Liars

For quick readers and teen drama connoisseurs, Pretty Little Liars is not only an entertaining, albeit confusing, storyline-tangling TV show, but it’s also a novel series that lands on the higher content end of this list with 22 books.

Plus, the series is perfect for individuals that like their drama with a side of darkness, giving this series the edge that your summer reading list may be in desperate search of.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Remember this one? The Debbie Downer of book series is likely one you haven’t revisited since childhood, which makes it the ultimate nostalgia read for your summer plans.

The series includes a grand total of 14 books, and each one is as entertaining as the one that precedes it. All you have to do is unfurl your towel and camp out in the sand with this series in your beach tote.

When it comes to these series, you may be looking for nostalgia over quality, but the bottom line is that you’ll have solid entertainment and plenty of content at your disposal. Get ready to dig your feet into the sand, grab yourself a fruity, tropical drink, and enjoy the series that may have helped shape your childhood.


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