Why You Need to Switch to Silk Pillowcases ASAP

Ahh, the luxurious silk pillowcase: It feels amazing and looks even better. But those aren’t the only reason you should ditch your cotton pillowcases for silk. There are many practical reasons as well. Let’s explore!

Silk Is Cool

Yes, silk pillowcases look cool, but we’re talking about temperature here. With a silk pillowcase, every side of the pillow is the cool side since silk is a breathable fabric. As a result, silk pillowcases can keep the hottest sleepers’ body temperatures regulated.

Silk Is Good for Your Skin

Regulated body temperatures mean better sleep and, thus, fewer under-eye bags – but that’s not all the help that silk pillowcases provide your face. The protein fibers cause less stress to sensitive skin than the plant fibers of linen or cotton. Plus, cotton wrinkles and creases, causing those annoying red pillow lines on your face. In contrast, silk is smooth and extremely gentle. It is also less absorbent than cotton, meaning your night creams will stay on your face instead of soaking into your pillow.

Silk Will Help Your Hair

If cotton pillowcases are rough on your skin, it would be logical that they aren’t great for your hair either. As you move in your sleep, your hair rubs against the fabric, which can cause damage, breakage, dryness, and more. A good silk pillowcase is extremely smooth, so your hair glides across instead of rubbing. If you have fine hair, color-treated hair, frizzy hair, or curly hair, you can benefit most from switching to silk!

Caring for Silk Pillowcases

So you’ve decided to swap your pillowcases for better sleep and healthier skin and hair? Now you’ll need to know how to take care of your new favorite bedding! For maximum lifespan, you should always wash your silk pillowcase in a mesh bag. (Direct contact with other clothing items or the metals of a washing machine could damage the fabric.)

In addition, you must never use bleach or heat on silk as both will destroy its fibers! Pillowcases should be air-dried and, if necessary, ironed on the lowest setting. Direct sunlight may discolor silk, so keep your pillowcases away from windows as much as possible.

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