Ways to Sneak In Exercise During a Busy Workday

If you have a busy full-time job, finding time to work out can sometimes feel impossible. But fret not! Here are some awesome ways to sneak in exercise – even on hectic workdays.

Set an Early Alarm

Distractions can pop up throughout the day. Obligations can make you rearrange plans. But mornings are your time – if you plan them that way. The best way to do this is to go to bed at a reasonable hour and set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual. You can get that workout in before your busy day even starts. No excuses!

Take the Stairs

Another easy way to sneak in exercise? Take the stairs whenever possible. Avoid elevators and escalators unless you’re carrying heavy objects or healing from an injury.

Tense Your Muscles

Sneaking in gym time might be out of the question, but you can tense your muscles from practically anywhere: at your desk, on your way home from work, or while lying on the couch. For example, flex your abs for 10 seconds, relax for five, and repeat. Check out some videos on YouTube if you need guidance.

Schedule Chores Daily

There’s probably no shortage of chores to do around your home or in the yard – are we right? Furthermore, many of these chores can get you moving and increase your heart rate. Scrub the tub, mop the floors, vacuum, or do laundry. Head outside to rake the leaves, mow the lawn, or water the plants. You’ll get things done around the house while exercising – two birds, one stone.


If you like to come home from work and unwind with one of your favorite shows, why not watch TV while exercising? Place your yoga mat in front of the television to bang out some push-ups, sit-ups, squats, or any other stationary exercise.

What are some ways you sneak in exercise during a busy workday? Share your tips with us in the comments below!


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