Three Very Different Looks for a Summer Night Out(side) On The Town

Image via Lulu’s Maddox Black Satin Lace Cami 

We aren’t sure how long we can ride this whole “we’re just coming out of a pandemic and have forgotten how to dress” thing, so today, we’re talking about casual, night out(side) on the town ensembles; whether you’re in your teens, 20’s and beyond, you too can pull off these casual statement looks!

(image via straight a style blog)

Our first evening look is inspired by juxtaposition. Blogger Amy Ann Arnold of Straight A Style wears a light, delicate, feminine silk cami paired with a heavier textile denim. These pieces contrast one another (one is dressy, one is more casual), but they look incredible side by side. And, not only is it trendy and a little playful with the cami and lightly destructed jeans, you’re also going to stay nice and cool. If you find yourself somewhere a little drafty, layer the look with a cardigan or lightweight blazer.

Our Pick: Maddox Black Satin Lace Cami from Lulus ($32, shop here)

(image via due north blog)

Next up, we’re going for a boho rocker look inspired by Kait of Due North Blog. A graphic or band tee is always a fun way to express yourself, and since you’re going out on a fun night, your tee could be a great conversation starter. This outfit covers all your bases: The denim shorts are long enough that you won’t feel the urge to tug at them constantly, and the flannel can be worn over your tee or around your waist. The sandals are comfy (perfect if you’re going to be walking a lot), and the scarf or bandana worn as a headband really pulls the look together.

Our pick: Midnight Rider Take Me Home Tee ($78, shop here)

(image via like to know via brittney cherelle)

This next look is a little more minimal, but the small details take it over the top – right where we like it! Simply pair a distressed high-waisted short with any T-shirt you want. Say you’re going to a baseball game, snag a home team tee in one size up: knot it, crop it, or tuck it in. Shoes for this outfit are just as versatile: a sandal, a pump, a loafer, or a sneaker. Regardless of what you go with, you’re going to look ready for a great night!

Our Pick: Levi’s 501 Light-Wash Distressed High-Rise Cutoff Denim Shorts ($79.50, shop here)


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