The TikTok Ginger Mask Trend: Our Thoughts

Let’s take the time to talk about TikTok. Since quarantining and safe social distancing, more users joined the platform, resulting in more viral trend videos. We’ve seen crazy dance videos, wild pranks, and even bizarre beauty hacks.

Looking at one trend, particularly the ginger face mask, we decided to give it a try since a range of users all had the same positive results. This particular mask claims to unclog pores as well as shrink them all in the same step. It’s easy to do at home, and chances are you already have all of the ingredients with you. After trying it myself, it’s safe to say my results also proved to be similar. Let’s walk through the below steps together.

Step One 

First, let’s make the mask. All you need is ground ginger, a little water, and a small bowl to make the mixture. First, take a few small scoops of ginger and place it in the bowl. Then, add an even smaller amount of water and begin mixing. Once thoroughly mixed, the consistency should be similar to wet sand. Depending on what areas you want to tackle, you can make as much as you want with just these two ingredients.

Step Two 

Now you’re ready to apply. Using either your fingers or a small applicator, evenly apply to needed areas. The most common areas on the face are the nose, forehead, and chin. Make sure to apply a thick layer to achieve the best results.

Leave the mixture on for as long as possible or until completely dry. As you wear the mask, you will start to feel a tingling sensation that will build as time continues. When the sensation becomes overpowering, that’s your signal to wash the mixture off.

Step Three 

After you feel you’ve had the mixture on your face long enough, thoroughly rinse it off with warm water and then pat your face dry with a towel. After rinsing the mixture away, you’ll still feel the lasting effects of the tingling sensation, and your skin might be a little red in some areas. To calm down your skin, add a cooling serum or moisturizer.

Final Thoughts 

Like the TikTok video portrays, there were noticeable results. Pores on the nose seemed to shrink, and some appeared unclogged. The skin was left a little red in areas that reportedly felt the most burn. This mask mixture isn’t recommended for sensitive skin as the ginger may act as more of an irritant and cause more redness and dryness to those affected areas. However, if applied once per week, this viral trend may work out well as a deep cleansing treatment to problem-causing areas.

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