The Straw Handbag, Summer’s Essential Item

Many fashion trends are here today and gone tomorrow, but there are certain style staples that are never going to disappear off the fashion radar. The straw bag is one of those staples, and it’s a must-have accessory for summer.

The Quintessential Summer Bag

The beauty of the straw bag is that you can get away with carrying it everywhere in summer. Except for very formal attire, you can carry a straw bag while you’re wearing absolutely anything. It looks amazing with a sundress, it pairs gorgeously with your swimwear and it will set off any shorts and tank top combination. Carry it to the office, to the pool party, to that evening date or for that night out on the town with the girls. Whether you’re wearing sandals or stilettos, you can carry a straw handbag with you anywhere.

Accessorizing Your Summer Style

There are lots of advantages to carrying a straw handbag this summer (and every summer). Not only can it be used to accessorize any outfit, it’s also available in a multitude of styles. Straw handbags are commonly seen in big tote designs that are perfect for the beach or the pool. This year, there are many more options available. The classic straw bag has a more streamlined look in fashion designs right now. Round straw purses are making a splash in the fashion world. They’re small and cute, and they’re a great little touch to finish off any daytime or evening look.


If you want to elevate your straw handbag to make it look more high-end, tie a silk scarf around the handle or some other part of your bag to give it a pop of color. Embellished straw handbags that are detailed with embroidery and extra touches are highly popular this year, so don’t be afraid to add your own personal style to your summer fashion.

If you really want to shake up your summer wardrobe and put a twist on this classic staple, look for a straw handbag made with dyed straw. Designers are playing around with colorful straw bag looks, so you can get a few of them to match different summer outfits if you like.

A Stylish Summer

You don’t need a bunch of different accessories to look stylish this summer — not when you’ve got one great accessory that can go anywhere and be worn with anything. The best thing about getting a straw handbag for the summer? It’s going to be in style next summer, too.

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