The Next Step: When Is It Time to Have “The Talk”

Some people dread hearing “We need to talk” from the person they are dating. But at some point, that conversation needs to be had. Today, we are sharing a few ways to tell when it’s an appropriate time to have “the talk“ with your person so that you can take the next step in your relationship.

People Assume You Are Together

Having a friend you go everywhere and do everything with is normal. But if the rest of the world is questioning whether you’re in a relationship, you should probably be questioning it, too. You don’t necessarily have to put a title on the relationship as long as you both know where you stand with each other. Have “the talk” and clear things up.

There Are Loads of Photos of You Together on Social Media

Social media always has a way of revealing the truth, so why should you and your partner not talk about what you are to each other?

Your Parents Know About Them

Let’s be honest: Do we typically talk to our parents about someone we are just casually seeing? We thought not.

You Assume You Will See Each Other Multiple Times Per Week

If you assume you will see this person more than once a week – and that they will be your date when there is something special event you need to attend – it might be time to have the talk.

You Think About Them All the Time

Is this person one of the top three things you think about? Is it as if they take over your brain, and you think more about them than you do about food, friends, or sleep? It’s probably a good idea to have the talk.

You Get Jealous

When you hear their name associated with someone else, do you get jealous instantly? If this is the case, then deep down, there may be feelings. Maybe it’s time to have the talk.

You Are Not Interested in Dating Anyone Else And You Don’t Want to Be Intimate With Other People

If you are not interested in dating other people, you should find out where they stand. Same goes with intimacy. If you don’t want to have sex with anyone else and want your person to do the same, you need to have “the talk.” This is particularly important when it comes to safe sex practices.

You Can Be Yourself

You are not afraid of showing this person your true colors, whether it’s being comfortable in your untidy room or without makeup. If you can be unapologetically yourself, and they accept it, you may just find yourself with a great potential match.

Being open and sharing your feelings is never easy, but having “the talk” can help clarify your relationship status. When do you think is the right time to have “the talk”? Let us know in the comments below.

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