The Importance of Using All Natural Cleaning Products

Going green and living a clean life goes further than the foods you eat or the measure you take to conserve household energy daily. Living a sustainable and clean life also means consciously choosing safe products to clean your home. Harmful chemicals are found in aerosol spray products, detergents, dishwashing chemicals, oven cleaners and more. These products can affect you and your family’s health, and they can also damage the environment and pollute water. Let’s explore the benefits of using clean cleaning products.

Environmentally Friendly

Regular cleaning products contain a lot of harsh chemicals such as phthalates, ammonia, chlorine, sodium hydroxide and many, many more. When using these harmful chemicals, they are released back into the air. Just as these products can pollute the environment, consider the harmful and potent effect on indoor air.

Family Friendly

As listed above, there are many harmful chemicals found in regular cleaning products. If they are bad for the environment, they’re likely not safe for you and your family. Children are especially vulnerable when exposed to these chemicals. Detergent pods and liquids can easily be ingested, which can turn into an emergency situation. Plus, pets may lick their paws after walking on a toxic cleaning solution.

Easier on Sensitive Skin

When you are regularly exposed to chemicals like bleach or formaldehyde, you are at risk for irritated skin – this is particularly true for those with sensitive skin. Plant-based minerals, vitamins, botanicals, and essential oils for natural fragrance tend to be a lot easier on the skin.

Better Ingredients

Unless you are a scientist, reading the ingredient label on regular cleaning products proves difficult. Can you pronounce the ingredients? Do you know what they do? Are you confident that you even get to see all the ingredients used? On the other hand, natural cleaning companies make it their mission to show their customers all the great and clean ingredients found in their products.

Free From Animal Testing

Natural products also tend to not be tested on animals. The companies that produce these products are taking the extra step to ensure that their products are green, which goes hand in hand with protecting the environment and all its creatures.

Making a conscious decision to use green products provides peace of mind. They allow you to know what you’re bringing into your home. So, before exposing yourself, your family, or your pets to potentially harmful chemicals, take a look at the ingredients!

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