The Different Stages of a Relationship

No relationship is always smooth sailing, which is why it is important to understand what stage of the relationship you are in so that if a problem arises, you will know how to fix it. Here, we have listed a few different stages of relationships and what you should do during each stage.

Falling in Love

In this stage, you may feel like you have found your soulmate. The person is the center of your life, and they rarely do anything that upsets you.

What to Do at This Stage: Just enjoy it! This is the stage where everything is intriguing and delightful. Don’t forget to step back now and then to clear your head so that your emotions don’t block your realistic view of the person.

Experimentation and Attachment

This stage typically follows the falling in love stage. You become attached to your person and take an interest in their values, wants, and needs.

What to Do at This Stage: Your love will deepen, and your bond will become stronger, but you should also be able to think of things apart from your partner. You may have gone through some minor hiccups already, but this will only bring you closer together.

The Crisis Stage

This is the “make or break” stage of the relationship. It is where you start to notice the differences between you and your partner. You may have doubts and fight for your values and beliefs.

What to Do at This Stage: It is normal for any couple to fight. But you must know how to deal with the conflict and learn to differentiate between healthy and controlling issues.

The Disillusionment Stage

In this stage, you may feel like your relationship has reached its end. All the issues you once dismissed are out in the open. It is easy to forget the passion you once shared because you are constantly arguing or drifting apart.

What to Do at This Stage: Stop avoiding your problems! Try to focus on what you are grateful for and the things that are going well. You can also try to show your partner affection when you are arguing. Remind yourself of the reasons you fell in love with them.

Deciding Stage

You have reached the moment of truth. You are thinking about breaking up. You may even be thinking of starting a new relationship with someone else. Here, you decide whether you will try to make it work or end things and leave.

What to Do at This Stage? Communication may no longer work at this stage; in that case, you may want to seek the help of a professional.

Deep Love Stage

Your relationship is healthy and has never been better. You know each other’s differences and faults but have accepted them. You have realized that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Of course, both parties still need to work hard in the relationship, but you have learned how to listen, understand, and deal with fights.

What to Do at This Stage: Appreciate one another, love hard, and remember to take care of yourself and your relationship.

There is no secret to a perfect relationship. Both parties need to put in the work and learn how to accept each other’s differences. A relationship is like a video game: There are different stages, and if you are not going to work on bettering yourself and overcoming the obstacles, you will never get to the next level.


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