The Best Products For Dry Skin

Dry skin is a real pain in the butt, even if the dry skin isn’t on your butt—but especially if it is! Luckily for our dry-skinned divas, I have tried the best of the best when it comes to uber-hydrating lotions. Instead of buying up the lotion aisle, take my advice and enjoy smooth, hydrated skin once and for all.

  1. Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme (Click Here)

This is an affordable and cruelty-free body butter that is thick and luxurious, without being sticky. It comes in at under $5, will last you months, and really hydrates the skin. I will warn you though, this stuff is heavy. It’s the sort of cream you want to slather yourself in after a long bath, a day in the sun, or when your skin is feeling arid and parched.

Layer it on before bed, and you’ll wake up feeling soft and touchable.

  1. Cerave Healing Ointment (Click Here)

The Cerave Healing Ointment was developed by dermatologists and is endorsed by the National Eczema Association, so you know it doesn’t mess around when it comes to protecting your skin. Essentially, this is vaseline without the feeling of vaseline.

This isn’t what you want to use after a sunburn, but is exactly what you want for itchy, dry skin. You can use this on its own, or to lock in moisture from another lotion or treatment like hydrocortisone.

You can get Cerave in a stick form for easy application on the lips, in a squeeze tube for on-the-go, or in a large tub for all-over applications. This ointment is ideal for the roughest patches of skin or to prevent chafing.

  1. Good Molecules Ultra Hydrating Facial Oil (Click Here)

This tiny bottle of facial oil has changed my life. It is amazing that after trying everything under the sun, just a few drops of this oil can take your skin from drab to dewy in no time.

This miracle oil contains sea buckthorn oil and camellia oil to nourish dehydrated skin. You can use this as the final step of your routine, or mix it in with your moisturizer for a little boost of glow. The oil is full of antioxidants and fatty acids, yet it is lightweight enough to absorb without leaving an oily or greasy look on your skin.

  1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (Click Here)

This First Aid Beauty cream is the best way to achieve intense hydration for dry and sensitive skin. With soothing oatmeal and shea butter, this cream provides instant and lasting relief upon application.

The cream is a 5-star product because it really does what it claims. It is ideal for those sensitive to fragrance or heavy ingredients because it only contains hydrating ingredients without any extra frills.

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