The Best Meditation Apps to Add More Zen to Your Life

Have you ever tried to sit down and meditate, only to become distracted by all the things you have to do and thoughts that creep in unexpectedly? Meditating doesn’t come easy to everyone, and it can be very difficult to clear your mind and focus on the present moment in times of stress and responsibility.

Meditation is an ancient practice, and it has skyrocketed in western popularity. Meditation is considered an effective way to manage daily stress and anxiety. If you are interested in learning how to meditate or want to build on your skill, consider downloading a meditation app. We have compiled a list of our favorite meditation apps to help you add more zen to your life.


If you are a beginner, this is the perfect meditation app to assist you on the road to meditating. The app has guided meditations that teach its users how to sit quietly and how to clear your mind of thoughts to be present in the moment. The meditations are led by meditation expert Andy Puddicombe. You can download Headspace in the App Store for $12.99 a month or an annual fee of $95.


It’s in the title. Calm is a great meditation app if you are a little more experienced with meditation and don’t need to be taught the fundamentals. The app has several different features, including breathing exercises, sleep aids, meditative music, classes taught by mindfulness experts, and much more. The meditations and guides are created by meditation expert Tamara Levitt, who has been studying meditation for thirty years. Calm can be downloaded in the App Store for $6 a month or $70 a year.


If you want to practice your breathing, this app is a great option. It teaches its users how to properly practice resonance frequency breathing—very slow, deep breaths that can help improve your mood and regulate your heart rate. The app was developed by yoga expert Eddie Stern and New York best-selling author Dr. Deepak Chopra. The best part of this app? It’s free!

10% Happier

This meditation app was created for meditation skeptics. It was created by TV Anchor Dan Harris after suffering a panic attack on live television. Rather than providing guided meditations from only one mindfulness expert, 10% Happier offers meditations led by various types of experts, organized into categories. The most expensive on this list, 10% Happier will run you $99 a year, with no month to month subscription option.

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