The Best Dating Podcasts to Get You Boo’d Up in No Time

Does your love life feel more like a love graveyard? Or maybe you are happily taken, but you want to know how to be a better partner. Either way, listening to podcasts is a great way to hear opinions and get advice on dating – without spilling all of your own tea. Here are some of our favorites.


Did you know that THE dating and hookup app has its own podcast? That’s right, DTR is hosted by Tinder! Digital daters, this is the place to come if you want the hosts to weigh in on your specific dating problems – or if you just want to hear other people’s horror stories to make you feel better in comparison. Listen here.

Call Your Girlfriend

Call Your Girlfriend will give you a healthy dose of best-friend-style dating advice. Need to hear, “Dump him!” or “You deserve better!”? The podcast’s hosts specialize in reminding women that they deserve to be equal partners in any relationship and that they can and should leave when they aren’t. Listen here.

Where Should We Begin? 

Grab your partner, because you’re about to go to therapy. Okay, not really, but you are about to listen to another couple’s therapy session with expert psychotherapist Esther Perel. Exploration into participants’ problems will open doors to a healthy discussion about similar issues in your own relationship. Listen here.

Why Won’t You Date Me?

Remember Nailed It! and Girl Code? Nicole Byer is back with her own dating podcast where she and her comedian friends dive into her failing dating life, looking for the root cause. Be prepared to pee your pants as Nicole invites former flings on to ask them, “Why won’t you date me?” Listen here.

Savage Lovecast

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Dan Savage is a sex columnist who started podcasting in 2006. Listeners send in questions, and Dan answers them, savagely. If you like brutal honesty and want a bit of it in your dating life, tune into the Savage Lovecast. Listen here.

The Dating Advisory Board

Dating can feel more like work than your actual job… So maybe you should approach it like a business? The executive and entrepreneur hosts of this series sure think so! Join the Dating Advisory Board to level up your personal branding, networking, and “date me” sales pitch. Listen here.

Deeper Dating

If not business, let’s count on science. Deeper Dating applies research on love and relationships to help listeners build toolkits for finding the real thing. Relationship expert Ken Page navigates the deep stuff – like handling addiction in relationships and building healthy love through friendship. Listen here.

Whether you want to get deep or you want to laugh-cry your way through the wipeout course that is modern dating, there’s a podcast for you. Let comedians and experts pave the path for you by tuning into these awesome series.

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