The Best (Almost) Last-Minute Gifts to Give This Season

In the past, a gift card may have been an impersonal gift reserved for distant relatives or last-minute emergencies. We are here to tell you that, this year, it’s time to hop aboard the gift card train. With unpredictable shipping delays and the worry of going in-store to return unwanted gifts, a gift card is the failsafe of gifts. Here’s what makes a gift card the best present for everyone on your list.

Support Small Businesses

It’s no surprise that stores and restaurants all over the country are struggling to keep their heads above water. Buying gift cards from your favorite boutiques, restaurants, and home décor stores allows your loved ones to get something they’re really excited about while keeping local shop-owners afloat. This gift is still way more personal than a gift card to a big-box store because it shows thought. It takes a personal touch to handpick a gift-card from a small business your recipient likes.

It’s the Perfect Addition

So, you don’t want to just give a gift card. No problem! Gift cards are the perfect addition to a small gift. Pair your gift card with a scarf, a piece of kitchenware, a small piece of jewelry—the options are endless. It gives the recipient something tangible to associate with you while also letting them get what they really want. The best of both worlds.

They Arrive Instantly

If you’re reading this, you’re running out of time. Unless you want to pay insane shipping fees to guarantee your gift will arrive by Christmas, you should look to gift cards that will arrive instantly in your inbox right after purchasing.

You Can Gift Experiences

Gift cards aren’t just for stores. You can gift someone an opportunity to do things they wouldn’t necessarily do for themselves, like buying a cooking class, art class, or great live zoom workouts. This is a great way to get creative with gift cards and let someone know you care.


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