Technology That Helps Protect Everyone

It’s unsettling to think that the world we live in is a dangerous place where anyone can fall victim to violent crimes. There are, however, many smartphone applications available that can help you stay alert to everyday red flags and get help if situations become dangerous. These apps are safety musts for everyone.

Hollie Guard

With a simple tap or shake, the Hollie Guard app lets trusted emergency contacts know that you’re in danger and share your location. The app also records audio and video evidence, which is sent to contacts as well. It can be used in stealth mode, so an attacker has no idea, or in deterrent mode, which triggers flashing lights and alarm sounds to draw attention. Get the Hollie Guard app.

My Safetipin

The My Safetipin app is designed to keep you out of harm’s way by calculating safety scores (based on lighting, openness, security presence, and more) for geographical areas and sending alerts when you enter risky neighborhoods. It also finds safer routes for users. The app can also help you in an emergency: With one click, you can notify contacts that something is wrong. Get the My Safetipin app.


bSafe is similar to the first two apps on this list in that it alerts designated contacts in the event of an attack or other danger and can send them video recordings or even live streams. What makes bSafe unique? It allows you to set hands-free commands. This means that even if you can’t access your phone, you can call for help by uttering a codeword or phrase. Get the bSafe app.


The Hollaback app allows users to report harassment they experience or witness, including the location of the attack and even photos of the attacker. The app maps attacks and lets users show support to victims. Get the Hollaback app.

Location Sharing

If keeping a safety app isn’t an option, make sure to take advantage of your smartphone’s location-sharing features like Find My iPhone. (Snapchat also allows users to share their locations.) Always share your location with at least one trusted contact so they can find you or get you help if needed.

While it’s upsetting to still live in a world that’s unsafe for women, we don’t have to stand helpless. Even the devices we hold in our hands, purses, and pockets can help us fight back!


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