Taking a Break From Alcohol

There’s nothing wrong with having a glass of wine, beer, or a cocktail every so often, but it can also be healthy to take breaks from drinking to detox. Here are some benefits to taking a break from alcohol.

Sleep Better

When you abstain from alcohol for a month or more, you will notice that you not only sleep better but also feel significantly more refreshed when you wake up. While alcohol can help you fall asleep, the quality of that sleep is affected. Studies have found that alcohol interrupts the different stages of sleep, including REM sleep. Drinking alcohol before bed increases wake periods in the first stage of sleep; in the second stage, it causes what is known as the “rebound effect,” which comes from your body adjusting to the alcohol in your system. Subsequently, sleep is disrupted when the body has fully metabolized the alcohol.

Lose Weight

Weight gain is usually due to multiple factors and not just alcohol consumption. With that said, you’ve heard of a “beer belly,” right? We aren’t saying give up beer forever, but reducing or eliminating beer consumption is likely to help decrease waist circumference. When we drink in moderation, it is less likely to affect our weight in the short term, but some people are genetically predisposed to weight gain, which increases with alcohol consumption.


Alcohol has diuretic effects, which means you pee more and are less likely to retain water. This causes you to loose electrolytes and become dehydrated. When you take a break from drinking, you may notice that you feel more hydrated, including your skin and muscles.

Unblemished Skin

We are always looking for products to better our skin, but a break from alcohol might be all you need. Drinking causes facial redness and can aggravate skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, or acne. Removing alcohol from your diet will help your skin heal itself and become more rejuvenated and healthy.

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