Take This Old School Quiz to Find Out What to Be for Halloween

Back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, before the days of Buzzfeed quizzes, we sat and thoroughly read these nifty things called magazines, and within their glossy pages were various quizzes to help people get to know themselves a bit better. While those quizzes are a bit obsolete today, we thought it would be fun to bring back an unconventional way of quizzing for what we’re sure will be an unconventional Halloween.

So sit back, read through this nostalgic quiz, jot down your answers on a piece of paper (crazy!), and with a little magic, you’ll find out what you’re destined to be for a socially distanced Halloween 2020.

For those asking, a couch potato is not a costume—just our everyday 2020 look.

Oh no, your pesky little brother stained your original costume! Time to make a last-minute costume change, what do you go as?

A: 80s cool-girl. Just throw my hair in a side ponytail, put a scrunchie around my wrist, and I’m good to go!

B: A ghost. Grab a sheet and let’s get that candy.

C: It’s fine, I really didn’t feel like dressing up anyway.

D: A human paint canvas—who doesn’t have spare body paint to douse themselves in?

Your mom is all about getting a ton of photos of you in your costume, how do you react?

A: I’m into it, but make sure to get my good side.

B: Sure, but I’m going to make a funny face in every single one.

C: I’m a little camera shy, but if it makes mom happy…

D: YES, but we have to get the background right so my costume really pops!

Would you take candy from a stranger?

A: Are you insane? Have you watched the news recently?

B: I’d do it for the story.

C: I don’t talk that much to people I know, you really think I’m going to talk to a stranger for candy?

D: I’d take it and somehow turn it into a prop for my costume. Innovative, right?

What is your favorite type of Halloween candy to receive when trick-or-treating?

A: Anything chocolate, please.

B: Sour gummies or bust.

C: Unpopular opinion, but I don’t like candy.

D: Whatever is easiest to hide from my parents or my kids after I get home.

Got your answers? Tally them up by category to see what you should go as for Halloween 2020!


Mostly As: The Pop Culture Costume

You love looking good and feeling good. You’re always up to date on the best trends and what’s going on in the news and pop culture. Play to your strengths and dress as someone topical!

Mostly Bs: The Witty Costume

You’re the class clown, the crowd pleaser, the funny one—and your costumes reflect this! While everyone else is running around in uncomfortable shoes and barely-there clothes, you’ll be getting laughs and comments on your “Holy Cow” or “French Kiss” costume. If those don’t make sense to you, give them a Google, you won’t be disappointed.

Mostly Cs: The Easy, Effortless Costume

Here’s the thing, you may not love Halloween—and that’s fine! If you want to keep it simple this year, there are plenty of costumes that require little to no effort. Throwing on a pair of glasses makes you Clark Kent, a turtleneck, jeans and white tennis shoes makes you Steve Jobs, and a fill-in-the-blank name tag makes you literally anyone you want. See, that was easy!

Mostly Ds: The All-Out Costume

Halloween is what you live for and you’ve been planning your costume for months. While in concept it may seem simple, you take everything to the next level for the ultimate Halloween experience. You have been on YouTube since June learning how to do the perfect makeup for your look. With that in mind, we can’t wait to see what you do with ideas like a zombie, skeleton, unicorn, or anything else that allows you to do a total transformation.

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