Summer’s Silky Fashions Need a Little VPL Help

Slinky silk and linen dresses are the epitome of summer fashion, but the thin and breezy fabrics that make them so comfortable and airy do very little to cover visible panty lines (VPL). Wearing the dresses of summer with comfort and confidence calls for perfect underwear. Underneath it all should be a garment that offers coverage but doesn’t leave you suffering from sweaty thighs in soaring temperatures. The solution could be Spanx, the favorite underwear of the stars. Spanx has been discreetly spotted on celebs such as Jennifer Lopez, and Karlie Kloss and many more.

Lopez gave away the secret to her flawless physique look recently when a photog snapped a picture of her wearing a Sally LaPointe wrap skirt that parted just enough to show some thigh in a Miami breeze. The barest glimpse of her beige Skinny Britches Mid-Thigh shorts ($48) said it all. Flesh-colored and practically invisible, yet perfect for providing smooth control and shaping your silhouette.

Spanx extols the next-to-naked look of this ultra-sheer style that totally disappears on body. Even in the hottest summer months, this garment breathes and offers comfort all day.

You can follow J. Lo’s lead and invest in some good shapewear to banish the dreaded VPL. Get pairs that are full-coverage, high-waisted or cheeky. Or you can go commando and totally dispense with undergarments. There are, however, other ways to achieve a seamless look without giving up your underwear. Some are perfect for hot, humid weather while others are best left to the cooler temps of Fall. Read on for some that will work for you.

Go with the pros’ thong.

There’s a reason that thongs and G-strings are loved by runway models and professional stylists. The drawback, of course, is the degree of discomfort you may suffer, and you risk the wind picking up that silk dress.

Take thongs a step further with stick-ons.

Chances are good that the influencer who shows up on the red carpet wearing a super-tight, super-short dress is using a stick-on thong. Major side slits? No problem with a stick-on thong that doesn’t have a waistband. Some stick-ons are disposable while others can be washed and worn again.

Borrow from the boys.

Boyshorts for women are an option for who just can’t abide the idea of thongs. They are full coverage, so they don’t cut off any parts of your rear or back that creates those unwanted lines.

Hide behind camouflage.

Take cover under a print. Wearing a skirt or dress patterned with bold and busy print can mask your VPL.

Give ‘em the slip.

The idea may be old-school, but a slip gives you the extra layer of fabric that hides the dreaded VPL. Prevent annoying static cling by running slip and skirt through a wire hanger a few times before putting them on.

Save the clingy, slinky fabrics for looser silhouettes.

When you want a bodycon silhouette, opt for a thicker fabric. Fabrics with more texture hide VPL much more effectively than smooth, lightweight materials.

Pull pantyhose over your underwear.

This idea suits cooler weather when an extra layer won’t prove unbearable. A pair of pantyhose or tights smooths out VPL without adding bulk beneath your clothes.

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