Some Of The Best Influencer Accounts to Follow for Fashion Inspiration

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of content on the internet right now. There are so many influencers touting products and styling pieces that it’s hard to know who actually has their finger on the pulse of fashion and who is just churning through fast fashion items and promo codes. Luckily, we’ve hand-picked a few of our favorite accounts of influencers who consistently put out high quality content that not only nail today’s trends but have an eye for trends to come, so you are constantly inspired.

@lefevrediary (Follow Here)

A content creator based in NYC, Amy Julliette Lefévre is consistently pushing the envelope and is on the cutting edge of fashion. Her images feature everything from Saint Laurent gowns to sweatpants and New Balance sneakers. She’s a great source for discovering new, small fashion brands as well as getting a look at styles from the high-end designers we all know and love. Plus, she dabbles in some lifestyle imagery on her feed, which is a welcome break in our scroll—adding a moment of zen to digest before we dive back into creating our dream wardrobes.

@heyhegia (Follow Here)

Living the fairy tale life in the Netherlands, Hegia de Boer is the epitome of ultra-femme fashion. Every photo she posts is dreamier than the last. We’re constantly inspired by everything from her delicate jewelry close-ups to her sweeping gown portraits. She’s a great source of inspiration for how to wear color, event dressing, new jewelry brands to look out for, and overall lifestyle.

@lucywilliams02 (Follow Here)

Lucy Williams is an English influencer who somehow, year-round, manages to look like she’s going to the beach and has a perfect sun-kissed glow (we might be jealous). Her outfit inspiration transports us to vacations we dream of having and staycations we’re planning. She also displays a nice mix of high and low, allowing followers to find garments that are actually obtainable and affordable.

@ali_tate_cutler (Follow Here)

Ali Tate is an absolute must follow. Besides the fact that she’s gorgeous and looks impeccable in everything she wears, she represents a body type that most women can relate to and shows us we can wear whatever we want, feel confident, and look amazing. From swimwear to lingerie to workout wear and more, Ali puts together creative looks that are sure to inspire your next shopping spree.

@sabinasocol (Follow Here)

French girl fashion has always been an enviable style we try to emulate. If Parisian-chic is your go-to look, then Sabina Socol is a must follow. Her feed is an endless scroll of seemingly effortless outfits. She is a master of pairing femme tops with perfectly fitting jeans. You could easily make an entire mood board of her outfit inspiration. Plus, it’s always good to have a few influencers in your feed from around the world so you have an eye on trends happening beyond your backyard.


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