Save Time And Money Booking Your Holiday Flight With These 7 Tips

As the holidays approach, the sky-high travel expenses begin to rack up. The increase in airfare during this period is inevitable. We’re going through useful tips you can use when booking your holiday flight this season to make the process easier and less stressful.

Book early

If you’ve got the money and the plans, why hesitate? You know the holiday schedule, and if you book at least two weeks ahead, you can save a whopping 40%. You’ll save yourself the time and stress involved with booking the week of your trip.

Check other airports

If your destination is a large metropolitan area that has more than one airport under its belt, check all options for outbound and inbound flights. Smaller airports might be more affordable than the larger ones, and they could supply different routes. Scan for all airports within your vicinity.

Research dates

Prices of airfare change each day of the week. Depending on your location and destination, research the most affordable days to make a booking. Also, sign up for Google airfare alerts.

Basic economy seating is just fine

While there are some drawbacks to economy seating, you can admit that it’s the cheapest of all options. Many airlines now offer basic economy. So if you’re traveling light and don’t need an assigned seat and overhead space, consider choosing basic economy.

Explore 2 one-way flights

Rather than booking a roundtrip ticket, explore the option of using two one-way flights. You can even use different airlines and airports. This will increase the flexibility of time and may also save you some cash.

Book individually

Traveling as a group may come with other incurred charges. Booking separately may eliminate these charges.

Pack light

To avoid paying luggage fees, weigh your bag before leaving home. If your luggage weighs over the max weight, transfer some items to your carry-on bag. (Strange rules, but have to follow!)

The holidays are based on appreciation, family, and love; however, it’s easy not to feel these things when you pay obscene amounts for airfare. Use our tips to help alleviate some of the stress and focus more on the positive holiday spirit!