Red and Pink Gowns Dominate the Emmys

Pink and red gowns edged out an early showing by baby blue to emerge as the favorite color trend on the Emmy’s red carpet. Valentine’s Day came early to Hollywood and the vibe was one of joyful playfulness. While the dominance of colorblock gowns at the Hollywood awards ceremony took many by surprise, you only need to look back to the Spring 2019 fashion shows to see when the red/pink combo came into the spotlight. The love of pink continued strong onto the Fall 2019 runways.

Actresses know the Emmys are an all-eyes-on-you moment, and several took advantage of the modern and bold look perfectly suited to red carpet. Zoe Kazan gave a nod to the ‘80s with a bow-embellished Gucci gown that flaunted giant shoulder pads. The Vera Wang pink and red gown selected by Taraji P. Henson featured a cascading sheer cape design. Marisa Tomei went to a one-shouldered design when she chose a hot pink and red gown.

You, too, may want to grab some admiring attention but are a little shy about stepping out in such bold fashion statements. Here are red and pink combo strategies that have been adopted by women who are savvy about street style. These are subtle and understated enough to wear day-to-day, but also very stylish.

Try it out with accessories.

Start by dipping into the shallow end of the pool by choosing small accents such as shoes, bags or sunglasses to contrast with your dominant color. Think teaming a red dress with pink purse and pink heels.

Look for a print that combines both colors.

Nothing is easier than letting a print spell out the message: It’s okay to put red and pink together. The color combo is easy to find in skirts, dresses and bags. Feel free to add a piece that contrasts with the dominant color in the print. Red skirt that features pink florals? Top it with a pink blazer.

Make good use of a neutral.

Let the brighter red and pink shades shine by pairing them with a neutral. A red top under pink blazer works well with grey pants for office wear. Adding pink heels won’t put this look over the top.

Accent with one color.

Choose a red top instead of a white T-shirt to go under a pink pantsuit. You’ll sharpen up the outfit without resorting to an in-your-face look.

Go for muted shades.

Subtle shades aren’t as shocking as the bright pinks and reds. Try pairing a millennial pink top with a deep red maroon blazer.

Oh, heck. Go all the way.

Have fun wearing the boldest pinks and brightest reds together. You’ll feel comfortable enough to carry off the look with ease.

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