Plain Yogurt May Aid More Than Your Gut Bacteria

As more research has illustrated the vital role that our gut bacteria plays in all aspects of our health, from affecting depression to obesity, the probiotics in yogurt are becoming as valuable as gold.

Research has found that certain bacteria are linked to the inflammation that characterizes cancer. Chronic inflammation in the body can cause a host of adverse health outcomes, including the development of certain types of cancer. There are roughly 10 billion bacterial cells in the human body, most of which are not detrimental to health, many of which are protective of health.

In one specific example illustrating how a healthy gut bacteria can affect our health, researchers have found a link between breastfeeding and a reduction in the risk of breast cancer of 4.3%. While still a theory, the researchers believe that the bacteria present in breast milk is having a protective effect against breast cancer.

When seeing how the benefits of healthy gut bacteria can spill over into different aspects of our health, it’s no wonder that we’ve been seeking as many ways as possible to cut down the harmful bacteria and increase the good bacteria in our bodies. Should you turn to probiotic supplements or start developing a taste for the fermented foods you’ve never liked? Don’t worry, keeping your gut bacteria in check doesn’t have to come at the expense of good food.

Researchers have found that one of the most effective ways to maintain healthy gut bacteria is one of the simplest foods around—plain yogurt. They correlate a reduction in the risk of breast cancer with an increase in the consumption of yogurt. It’s been known for some time now that no probiotics help quite like yogurt, so if you’re hoping to increase your healthy gut bacteria, a simple change to your daily diet by adding plain yogurt is the way to go.

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