Our Travel Bucket List Includes These 10 Breathtaking Places

Whether it’s your first vacation or your hundredth, there are certain places on this planet that you shouldn’t miss. Check out our list of some of the most breathtaking places on earth. And please, take us with you on your next trip!

Bali, Indonesia

The Bali province is an Indonesian island famous for its volcanic mountains, iconic rice terraces, beaches, and coral reefs. The island is also home to famous religious sites such as Cliffside Uluwatu Temple and many yoga and meditation retreats. You can visit the sacred hot spring in Banjar or enjoy some peaceful sightseeing and fantastic food.

French Polynesia

This island paradise is a set of over 100 volcanic islands surrounded by crystal clear waters, coral-fringed lagoons, and over-the-water bungalow hotels. Island features include white- and black-sand beaches, beautiful mountains, rugged backcountry, and towering hidden waterfalls to explore.

Amman, Jordan

If you’re looking for a Middle Eastern experience, we think Jordan captures the best of every Arab culture surrounding it, from delicious food to traditional music and fantastic hospitality. You can take a trip back in history by exploring the pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules and the 8th-century Umayyad Palace complex known for its grand dome.

Don’t forget to visit the Jordan River! Have a complete spa treatment at the famous Dead Sea and a beautiful afternoon at Petra.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is located on the southwest coast of Africa and is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Among the many exciting activities and adventures, you can experience riding a camel down the beach, hippo spotting, or an awesome safari trip. Cape Town is home to some magnificent nature destinations, such as Table Mountain.

You can also visit the notorious prison that once held Nelson Mandela, which is now a living museum and open to visitors.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

From visiting world-renowned museums like the Anne Frank house and the Van Gogh museum, this city is the heart of art and has a charm that attracts people from all over the world. For a relaxing day, try out a canal cruise and explore the beautiful city from the water.

Lisbon, Portugal

With its rich architectural history, Lisbon earns a spot on our travel destination bucket list. Start your day by exploring the mesmerizing São Jorge Castle and the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. If you’re an art fan, don’t miss out on the chance to see the National Azulejo Museum that displays five centuries of decorative ceramic tiles. Make sure to try local cuisine that is known all over the world. A perfect destination for any foodie!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the capital of Australia and the largest city in the country, known for its famous harbourfront Sydney opera house. If you’re a fan of hikes and exploring nature, the Blue Mountains National Park is a destination you can’t miss!

You can spend your vacation discovering local bars, absorbing art, and feasting your way through local food markets.


Monaco is a small country in Europe along the French border known for its chic and luxurious lifestyle. If you dream about visiting a Hollywood theme luxury retreat even if you’re not filthy rich, then Monaco is the place for you! This country is famous for its high-end casinos, yachts, and fashion. After this trip, you will have plenty of Instagram photos!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is unlike any other city in the world! Explore the exciting Asian dining and the stunning views of Hong Kong at night. Experience a distinctive cultural, culinary, and cinematic heritage through Lantau Island, fish markets, and a tour around old Hong Kong


This beautiful British island off the coast of North Carolina is a unique destination, and it’s close to the United States! Clear waters, gorgeous beaches, and the perfect place to explore coral beauty and impressive architectural buildings. In our opinion, it’s one of the most relaxed island destinations ever! And did we mention the pink sand beaches?


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