Our Top 10 Wellness Apps

There are many wellness apps available that can help you live your best life and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today, we’ll discuss 10 of our favorites!


Noom provides personalized approaches to help users achieve their weight loss goals using cognitive behavioral therapy, one-on-one coaching, meal planning, and activity tracking. Programs start at $59/month.


WaterMinder uses an engaging and fun user interface as you check in throughout the day with how much water you drink. There is a free version, but a $4.99 subscription fee unlocks most features. If you struggle with water intake, WaterMinder might be the app for you.


MyFitnessPal is a convenient, all-in-one app that combines weight loss, healthy eating, fitness, and water tracking. There are free and premium versions, but the free version is clogged with ads and has only one or two features. Several subscription plans are available starting at $20/month.


For those who struggle with falling asleep at night or have mild anxiety, Headspace might quickly become your most-used app. According to Business of Apps, “Over 2 million people subscribe to Headspace, and the app has been downloaded over 65 million times.” Headspace offers lessons on mindfulness, meditation sessions, ambient music, and articles on everything related to mental health and wellness. A free two-week trial is available; if you decide to stick with it, subscriptions start at $12.99/month.


Hallow is the world’s #1 prayer app. It leans Catholic but has content for everyone, including meditations and prayers led by Hallow partners such as actors Jim Caviezel, Jonathan Roumie, and Mark Wahlberg. Subscriptions start at $59.99/year.


Calm is the #1 app for sleep and meditation. Instead of jumping straight into meditation sessions, Calm encourages you to learn the basics of meditation. After that, you can build a solid foundation for your meditation practice – and get more out of the app. Calm also offers guided sleep programs and sounds. Subscriptions start at $69.99/year.


Meditopia offers meditation sessions, music, online therapy with licensed psychologists, and an extensive resource library. If you’re looking to build your self-esteem and confidence, there are 5- to 10-minute self-guided sessions and longer 60-minute sessions for sleep. Pricing starts at $50/year.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body is like having a yoga studio on your phone. It provides easy-to-follow lessons with teachers that walk you through over 280 poses. You can combine the poses to create a relaxing or challenging workout. Pricing starts at $29.99/quarter.


Streaks helps you establish and keep good habits to improve your health and life! Set goals like walking 30 minutes a day, avoiding junk food on the weekends, or walking the dog every other day, and the app records them to create streaks. When you miss a goal, your streak resets to zero, creating a game-like feel. Streaks has a one-time download fee of $4.99.


Sanvello is much more than a health tracking or wellness app; it offers multiple levels of mental health support, including self-care, peer support, coaching, and one-on-one therapy. If you’re looking deeper into improving your mental health and making sustainable lifestyle changes, Sanvello might be worth considering. Pricing starts at $53.99/year.

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