Our Favorite Pet Accessories

Our pets are part of our family; therefore, we think they deserve the best of the best. So here are some of our favorite pet accessories!

PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Dog Feeding Mat ($39.95, shop here)

Some pets scarf down their food, causing digestive issues. You might have been advised to get a slow feeder or puzzle toy, but sometimes those items don’t quite do the trick. This feeding mat helps your pet slow their eating while exercising their natural foraging instincts by sniffing out their kibble. Plus, it’s machine-washable!

Best Friends by Sheri Calming Lux Fur Donut Bed ($34.99, shop here)

We all want our furbabies to feel safe and secure. So allow them to sink into a new level of comfort with this easy-to-wash donut bed, which features bolstered edges that provide additional head and neck support compared to other beds. It’s also perfect for pets with stiff joints and tired legs.

Petlibro Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder ($79.99, shop here)

We are not always home when our lovable pets are ready to have a meal, but an automatic feeder easily solves this problem. This one from Petlibro features a voice recorder that lets you record an audio clip your pet will hear before having their food!

Made 4 Pets Cat Tree ($189.99, shop here)

Cat owners know how much their furry friends love a good cat tree. Some cat trees can be an eyesore, but not this one! It will give your kitty a home within a home that they will enjoy on their own – or with their cat siblings.

Furbo Dog Camera ($169, shop here)

This smart home gadget comes equipped with an HD camera (with night vision) that lets you check in on your furry friend from anywhere in the world via smartphone or computer. It also has features like bark detection, two-way audio, and a treat-tossing mechanism so that you can reward your pet for good behavior.

Do you have a favorite pet accessory? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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