“Me” Time Is Very Important – So, Are You Getting Enough?

With work, school, social events, family, friends, pets, and everything in between, is there ever enough time for anything else? But what about your “me” time? Do you give yourself downtime to be alone doing things that you love? Do you schedule times where you can enjoy being in nobody’s presence but your own? And, if so, are you doing this enough? Read on and ask yourself the following questions; if your conclusion is that you don’t have enough “me” time, it may be time to make some changes!

Do You Practice Good Time Management? 

Time management is easier said than done – and it requires practice! Start by tracking your events, things to do, and places to go in a digital or paper calendar. Then, determine how long each task will take, giving yourself some leeway before moving on to the next item. For example, if you have to go grocery shopping, do laundry, get ready, and attend a gathering, you’ll want to budget the amount of time you have. If it’s 2 p.m. and your event is at 6 p.m., you may want to put the laundry in while making a quick grocery trip. When you get back, you can switch the clothes over to the dryer while you shower and finish getting ready.

Are You Easily Irritated or Bothered by Little Things?

If you are easily irritated by minor annoyances, you may be juggling too many things at once. If this happens, take a step back. Why are you annoyed and bothered? Did you have enough time to eat or hydrate? Do you need to lie down? Do you need to slow your pace? A little “me” time can go a long way.

Do You Know How to Establish Boundaries? 

You need to know your limits. If you’re constantly saying yes to extra work and social events, you will have little breathing room for yourself. Sometimes, when your emotional battery runs low, you need a timeout. Set those boundaries and stick to them. If you need to skip an event because you want to rest, do so. Don’t let FOMO trick you into saying yes.

Are You Being Less Productive?

Think about it this way: Solitude helps positivity and productivity. There are no distractions, and you can focus on what’s important at that moment. So if you start acting a bit less productive, check in with yourself and see if you need some “me” time.

What do you think? Are you getting enough “me” time? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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