How To Make The Most Of Your Sunday Funday

Hello weekend!

With the workweek in the rearview, it’s time to unwind and take a break. Whether you want your feet up or the windows down, it’s all about making plans on your own schedule—or practicing your spontaneity. With Friday and Saturday usually booked up, Sunday is officially your new best friend. Maybe in the middle of the hangover cures and the Monday blues, it’s likely your most flexible day of the week. While “Sunday Funday” is definitely a thing, the day often gets a bad rap for taking on laundry + meal prep. While both activities are key to an organized home life, go ahead and delay your responsibilities until the evening hours. Procrastination required. Permission granted.

Party On

Depending on your mood of the day, feel free to continue the party. Whether you missed out on a social outing from the night before (the FOMO is real) or support an early drink start (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere), get the team together for round two. We all know it’s more a matter of what drink than what time. In case you’re feeling extra boozy (no judgment here), read the following tips to step up your Sunday Funday game.

• Change location: take a break from your go-to party place to expand your list of favorites
• Hit a local patio: catch some rays + order some snacks because day drinking isn’t the same without your shades on and jacket off
• Attend a sporting event: grab a beer and get in on the action to spend some quality time with your team
• Host a boozy brunch: swap dinner party for boozy brunch to put a twist on the standard potluck and play with a couple of signature cocktails
• Take a day time river cruise: grab the gang and find a spot to booze and cruise, fingers crossed it’s not too far away

Party Off 

If you’d rather keep the drinking to a minimum slash function as a responsible adult, there are tons of fun ways to spend the day (with others or individually). Whether you want to pair up or fly solo, here’s how to elevate your time off the clock:

• Go for a hike: put on your sportswear and explore a trail (or two) because Sunday doesn’t have to be a full on recovery sesh
• Hit the beach (or the park): grab a book or a ball, find some open space and take advantage of the good weather
• Call the crew: lace up + gear up for a last minute game day to throw it back and win bragging rights for the next week
• Hop in the car: take a road trip to a local hot spot or hidden gem and lose track of the time
• Go on an adventure: step outside of your comfort zone (or a plane) and cross something off of your bucket list – sky diving anyone?

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