Make A Style Statement With The Right Oversized Hat

Do you feel excited when you have the occasion to put on a big hat? You don’t have to wait for another royal wedding or horse race to top off your look with an oversized hat, because big headwear is right on trend right now. The rules of fashion don’t say that you have to style a big hat only while wearing a dress. The hottest looks on the fashion runways have proven that a big hat can be paired with any outfit.

A Floppy Hat

If you want to wear a big hat with a casual look, look for a floppy hat that can bend, fold and move. This is an easy look to wear because you can tilt your hat to cover one side of your face, tip it back to make sure your face stands out or even hide under the brim on those dangerous ozone days. Floppy hats aren’t stiff and structured, so they’re a perfect accessory for all your most casual summer looks. A floppy hat looks great with everything from a bikini to jeans and a tee, to a silky maxi dress.

The Wide Brim

Made with a solid structure and designed not to move, wide-brimmed hats are very popular in fashion and easy to wear once you commit to making a big style statement. A wide brim hat can be worn with many different casual styles. Ripped jeans, flowy blouses, leather jackets, lace, dresses and fringe styles all look great with a wide brim hat. And of course, wide brim hats give you extra protection from the sun while you’re at the beach or pool, so glam it up with that bikini of yours!

Bigger is Better

All the top designers are embracing the big hat trend, so you can hardly go wrong if you decide to get on board with this look. You can start out slowly with this trend by slipping into a big straw hat when you go to the beach or the pool, then work your way up to wearing this style in different textures and colors everywhere you go all summer long. Fashion is about what you’re wearing from head to toe, and this year, great fashion is all about having a great hat to top it all off.

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