Made in the USA: Favorite Homegrown Fashion Brands

There are many reasons to buy clothes made right here in the United States: Sustainability, quality, supporting fair labor practices and wages, and boosting the economy are just a few. These made-in-the-USA brands are shifting and modernizing how we shop. But if you aren’t sure where to start, we got you. Here are some of our favorite homegrown fashion brands.

MATE the Label

Calling all loungewear lovers: You have to check out MATE. With this Los Angeles-based company, you can guarantee all items are made with nontoxic, natural, and organic materials like organic cotton and linen. The product range is vast, offering women’s, men’s, and children’s loungewear, activewear, and sleepwear. You also can count on seasonal colors, essentials, extended sizing, and build-your-own sets. Plus, the company offers a reMATE recycling program.

Hackwith Design House

If you’re looking for unique pieces, Hackwith Design House is the brand you need. This St. Paul, Minnesota, company makes everything in-house, and as a way to reduce waste, it doesn’t even begin constructing your garment until you’ve ordered it. At Hackwith Design House, you can find adult tops, bottoms, outerwear, and swimwear, all in inclusive sizing.

Gamine Workwear

If you work outside with your hands, Gamine pieces are for you. This Rhode Island-based company celebrates outdoorsy women by making everything from hats and streetwear to coveralls and smocks with 100% natural textiles handmade by seamstresses in Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. To eliminate extra waste, Gamine creates pieces in small batches and field tests its products in the garden so you know they are ready for whatever may come.

Emerson Fry

Is minimalist fashion more your thing? Emerson Fry is a New Hampshire brand known for its capsule wardrobe pieces. The family-run company is just as committed to creating sustainable, high-quality, and beautifully unique garments as it is to supporting ever-changing social, cultural, and environmental shifts. Emerson Fry is another company that produces in small batches to reduce waste.


Loup is a homegrown brand for working women, whether your office is on the 50th floor or you work from home. The Hudson, New York-based company effortlessly blends Parisian chic with the NYC work ethic. All garments are made locally with sustainable fabrics with fits best described as “vintage style.” What we love about Loup (aside from its sustainability efforts and overall chicness) is that it focuses on all body types, especially those with curves.


In Spanish, la causa means “the cause,” which is fitting for a company that prioritizes a low-waste design process and gives back to both human and environmental rights organizations. The brand is based in Los Angeles, where 95% of the company’s fabrics are made (a small percentage of goods crafted in Mexico). You can find just about any type of women’s apparel, but the best part is that LACAUSA has a secondhand shop, which allows you to buy at a significant discount.

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