Love Queer Eye? Try These Shows Next

If you’ve seen the Queer Eye show, you’re bound to love it, but we only get a new season once every year-and-a-half and we need more feel-good TV! When I finished the most recent season earlier this summer, I felt a sense of sadness that I didn’t have another show to fill that uplifting space, especially during COVID—where we need all the good feelings we can get. After some deep diving, I’ve uncovered some other shows that not only make you feel all the feels, but are also wildly entertaining.

Say I Do

Say I Do is produced by the same people who bring us Queer Eye, so right off the bat we know this is going to be a winner. The premise of the show is that couples who had lackluster weddings or don’t have the means to have their dream weddings get paired up with three wedding experts to surprise one of the partners in the relationship with their perfect wedding. The three experts focus on what the couple wears (making custom dresses and suits), what they eat (creating a personalized menu), and the location/décor of the wedding itself. It’s an hour long joy-fest that will likely leave you in tears (in a good way) on multiple occasions.

You can stream Say I Do on Netflix.

Love on the Spectrum

Seven people at different places on the autism spectrum explore what it’s like to date, make connections, and find love in the modern world. It’s pure joy to watch these meaningful connections. Everyone wants to be loved, and this show shines a heartwarming light on the topic of finding love on the autism spectrum.

You can stream Love on the Spectrum on Netflix.

Dating Around

Dating Around follows people in different cities going on several first dates and choosing someone to take on a second date. While this may seem a little basic in its premise, in execution the show does a nice job of exposing each dater to different personalities and demographics, which other dating shows are not doing. The conversations feel more real than other dating shows, and it feels easier to connect with the contestants. It feels like actual dating, which, a lot of the time, reality TV doesn’t get right.

You can stream Dating Around on Netflix.

Next in Fashion

This fashion show has a lot more heart than you’d expect. Tan France and Alexa Chung host a Project Runway-esque competition, and the banter between co-hosts is a delight to watch. More than a competition, this show gives aspiring designers an opportunity to make a name for themselves. It’s easy to become attached to the stories that brought each designer to the show. I *may* have cried on multiple occasions, despite the fact that it’s just clothes.

You can stream Next in Fashion on Netflix.

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