Icy Pastels: The Hair Look Everyone Wants

The icy look is completely hot in hair in 2019. Pale pastels and platinum blonde are already all over celebrity heads. And maybe you can’t have a bank account like someone on the A-list, but you can definitely get the same super glamorous look they’re all going to wearing on the red carpet. Icy pastel hair is a stunning style that can suit anyone, and that’s what makes this trend so fun to play around with. You have to take into consideration which shade will look best with your skin tone and facial features, plus, what kind of hair care maintenance will be required for upkeep.

Soft Purple

Stick to shades of lavender and pastel purple if you want a truly icy hair look. Light purple is a great go-to look if you want to make a big impression and keep your look soft and elegant at the same time. The color pairs beautifully with multiple shades of clothing and makeup, and it looks great if you want to mix some pink and blue streaks in with your tresses. Use Eva NYC Chameleon Temporary Color Spray to quickly get this pretty, pale purple look.

Rose Gold Hair

The rose gold hair trend is still more popular than ever this year. Created by hair artists based on the popular rose gold-toned jewelry, this surprisingly trending color can be as bold or a subtle as you want.

In the last few years, many celebrities have been a source of inspiration for this trend, including: Cara Delevingne, Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Kaley Cuoco, Kesha, Scarlette Johansson, and more.

The Rose Gold Temporary Tint watercolor by Kristin Ess can be used on wet, freshly shampooed hair. Let it sit for two minutes, then wash it out and condition as usual. For darker blondes, towel-dry your hair first before spraying on the tint. As the bottle says, think of your hair as a sponge; if it’s full of water, it can only absorb a little color.

Light Blue

If you’re a Kardashian fan, you’re already aware of the icy blue hair trend. Kylie Jenner has played with icy shades of blue and teal with her own locks. This is actually a gorgeous hair shade for multiple skin tones and it definitely turns heads. L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color comes in a gorgeous shade of ice blue that’s right on trend with this popular look. Pair light blue hair with neutral fashions to make your hair stand out, or try vibrant colors to create a bold and vivid look all over.

Pale Pink

Speaking of the Kardashians, Kim is leading the charge on the icy hair trend with her own pale pink locks. Adding a touch of pink to platinum blonde is a gorgeous way to add just a touch of warmth to the icy hair look. Soft, pastel pink is one of the trendiest hair colors of the year and it’s a great look to try. Pink pairs well with lots of clothing colors and makeup looks, so you have room to play around with your style when you rock this trend. To get it, try Lime Crime hair color. It comes in a pale pink shade and a vegan-friendly formula.

How to Get the Look

If you want your pastel hair to look truly icy, start by bleaching your locks. If you begin with a platinum blonde base, your pastel colors are going to show up beautifully and look totally icy. You have lots of options for adding color to platinum blonde locks, from spray-in formulas to temporary hair tints to permanent dyes. Try different methods and different colors to experiment with the hot icy pastel hair trend.

Icy hair is the look that everyone wants to have in 2019, and it’s not difficult to get. Start playing with the pale look, and see how being icy suits you this year. It’s not always easy to copy a celebrity look or follow a trend, but icy hair is a simple and affordable way to get your own superstar style.

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